Jesus, “The Opinion of Truth”

We have become a society full of “opinions,” have we not?

Cut on the news there is an “opinion.” 

Have a discussion about Holy Scripture, and you will hear more “opinions” then there is grass in a pasture.

I do not care where we go anymore, what we “turn on,” what we read, someone is going to have an opinion about something or someone.

I am not saying when one needs guidance not to ask for it.  If I am stumped I am going to ask for help. 

To continuously feed on the “opinions” of others for everything in the world today, can only lead us to confusion.  The mind of man at best is so undisciplined.

We see into today’s Gospel readings, the Pharisees were trying to entrap Jesus by His “opinion” on “paying census taxes to Caesar.”  Should they or should they not?

Of course our Lord knew they were trying to entrap Him and His reply was:

“Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.”

Jesus knew one of the reasons for this taxation was because of Israel’s disobedience to God.  Because of it, they were now under the rule of Rome. 

Due to this, the opinion of Jesus was more or less, “You have no choice./Pay it or else./The answer is obvious!”

 Jesus still did not leave out what was due to God.

I believe He did so, because if they had of been giving to God what they were supposed to, they would not have been in this shape to begin with?

In the subtle way of Jesus, He let them know this, and they knew it was true.  Therefore; turning the whole thing right back on them.

So what is God due?

St. Paul says it best in today’s second reading, in his letter to the Thessalonians.

“We give thanks to God always for all of you,/remembering you in our prayers,/unceasingly calling to mind your work of faith and labor of love/and endurance in hope of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

God wants from us a “work of faith,”  “labor of love,” and “endurance in hope of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Something struck me as I read this.

All of it is going to take love, work, and endurance, on our part.

We are actually going to have to get out here and get it “in gear,”  to give to God what He is due.

He is not going to do it for us.

So how do we do this?

Quit listening to everybody else’s opinions.

Get the balance in our lives, of what we must do to live, and what we must do for God.

The answer is “obvious.”

If we are relying on everyone else’s thoughts as to “what we are to do,” we will fail.

It may take a lot of prayers and patience to get it all in place. 

Faith, love and endurance are so important to God.  Yet, at times they seem so hard to accomplish.

This is because, we get our priorities all out of whack.

It is always the “world is this,”  “the world is that.”

So we need to ask ourselves, “What is our world?”

Disobedience to God, therefore living under Roman rule?


Obedience to God, living a life of “unbarred gates?



Oh Jesus,  to find two people who agree on anything in this day and age, is almost impossible.  Yet I have placed so much stock in their views on so many things.

When I do Lord, I am leaving out the opinion I need to adhere to the most, and that is Yours.  The “opinion of truth.”

How at moments and times in my life, that is the one which matters least to me.  For that I tell You, “I am sorry.”

Help me Jesus, to carry out in life, only that which You set forth inside of me to do. 

Letting go of what others think and say.

In this way, may I give to God, what He is due?

  Amen. +

God Bless, SR

“Thus says the Lord to his anointed, Cyrus, whose right hand I grasp,/subduing nations before him,/ and making kings run in his service,/opening doors before him/and leaving gates unbarred.”
“Woe to you Pharisees” by James Tissot
Scriptures from Today’s Mass Readings






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What is in $4,700,000.00?

I was channel surfing this afternoon and came across a television evangelist program, who was collecting money.  They were doing so to “spread the Gospel.”

I looked at a board behind them and the goal was $4,700,000.00.  To that point they had collected 1.9 million dollars.

It stunned me, then I just got mad!

Is “spreading the Gospel” important?  Of course it is.

There is more than one way to spread it, at the cost of over four-million dollars??

Christians, one of the best ways to “spread the Gospel” is taking care of the homeless, hungry, suffering, sick and dying.  

Over four-million dollars would build countless homes.  Buy a whole lot of groceries and medicine.  

Over four-million dollars would clothe the naked and buy a lot of blankets for the cold.  This would also pay for medical care for those who cannot afford it.

My list can go on and on. 

My point is:

How can you give that much money for a television evangelist program, when there is a child under a bridge, freezing, while trying to sleep?

When there is a person dying because they do not have the medical care they need, because they cannot afford it?

When children and our elderly are going to bed hungry tonight, and will go hungry tomorrow?

This makes no sense to me???

Maybe I am wrong and maybe you think I am.

I know this within myself.

Before I give that much money to keep something/someone on television:

I will get rid of my television.

I will feed a hungry/sick child. 

I will keep someone warm during the winter, and cool in the summer.

To me this is just the “wrong way” to “spread the Gospel.”

Jesus, nowhere, in any form or fashion ever said, to do something like this.

Our first concern is always, compassion, care, and love for others.

So while you are watching this television program tonight that you supported, please hear the cry of that hungry child, that needed your money more.

God Bless, SR



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It All Depends on the R.S.V.P. ?

I read some things which people refer to Scripture regarding, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” 

In their mind’s they have come to the conclusion, (more or less) “That those of us who follow Christ do so because we are the “elect” who were chosen to do so.”

Well, if this is the case, it would clearly stand to reason that, “God has a special love for some, but not for others.”

I say this because those who do not “choose God,” are damned to hell.  I am sorry, but I do not believe God wants any one of His children in hell??? What Father would???

However we see in today’s Gospel reading something which contradicts this, totally.

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven may be likened to a king who gave a wedding feast for his son./He dispatched his servants to summon the invited guests to the feast, but they refused to come.”

Now these were the “Jews,”  to whom a personal invitation had been sent to them, but they did not show up.

So what did the king (God) do?

Then he said to his servants, “The wedding is ready, but those invited were not worthy./Go therefore to the streets, and invite to the marriage feast as many as you find./And those servants went out into the streets and gathered all whom they found, both bad and good; so the wedding hall was filled with guest.”

It is not that God chooses one over the other, to serve Him.  It is not that God has an “elect” group of believers, who He loves more than the other.

Right here goes to prove, God shows no partiality.  Jews and Gentiles alike, were invited to this “wedding feast.”

The reason this happened was because those He called “refused His invitation.”

God wants no one to perish.  He favors not one soul, more than He does the other.

However, He is not going to force us to “accept” His invitation to choose Him, or to believe in His Son, and what the Cross did for us.

We are as free to walk away from God, as we are to serve Him.

If we so choose to not accept His invitation, then we, not God, deem ourselves “unworthy.” 

God wants us in heaven.  To get there, is not going to be on a “feather bed.”  (St. Thomas More)

St. Paul said, “I know how to live in humble circumstances; I know also how to live with abundance./In every circumstance and in all things I have learned the secret of being well fed and of going hungry, of living in abundance and of being in need./I can do all things in “Him who strengthens me.”

If we will only R.S.V.P God, with a “yes” to the “wedding feast” He is inviting us to,  we all will be “chosen.”

In doing so, Jesus will strengthen us throughout all of our ups and downs in life.

 God is inviting us all to Himself. 

We must ask ourselves, “How am I going to reply to His invitation?”


Lord, I humbly come before You, asking forgiveness for all the times and moments, when you were stretching Your Hand of Love out to me, and I refused your invitation.

Maybe it was because of fear Lord, that I did not believe, “I could do all things through Christ who strengthens me?”

Maybe it was because I wanted more for myself in this life on earth, then to be with you for an eternity in heaven?

I realize by refusing this grace of the love You bear for me,  You had no choice but to offer it to someone else.

Strengthen me Lord, to always say “yes” to all you invite me to.  Amen.+

God Bless, SR

“On this mountain the Lord of hosts will provide for all peoples, a feast of rich food, and choice wines, juicy, rich food, and pure, choice wine?/For the hand of the Lord will rest on this mountain.”
Taken from Today’s Mass readings.
Image:  The Wedding Supper of the Lamb




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Is it “One Journey” or More than “One Journey?”

I hear the word “journey” used a lot with God.  I read the word “journey” a lot concerning God. 

When I hear this word or read it, it always seems one is walking in a “different journey?”

Do we walk many journeys with God, or is it one journey with different paths?

These are some of my thoughts on this:

Moses had one journey, and that was to lead the people out of Egypt, set up a nation of people, but it took many paths.

David had one journey.  To become a king and set up a national kingdom, but again it took many paths.

Mary had one journey with God in life, that was to give birth to His Son, again that went in many different directions.

It was the same for Jesus, and we all know what that consisted of.

The Apostles, it was to spread the Gospel, and that took them all over the place.

Do we walk different journey’s with God, or is it one journey taking many different directions and paths?

Do we keep taking these different directions and paths until God gets us to the place He wants us to be, and we fulfill His plan for our lives?

I would really like your input on this, if you would be so kind.  It is something I am trying to figure out for myself.

Thank you and God Bless, SR 





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Mary Knew All Along

How often do we call upon the “mercy of God?”  I know as far as myself these words come out often, in a day.   It sure comes out when I am examining my conscience at night.

What if God’s “mercy,” has already been sent?

Let me explain.

At night I pray the Magnificat of the Blessed Mother.  I mean what other prayer can be said at night for all the blessings God has given to me throughout the day?

I got to the part where Mary said:

“For He has remembered His “Promise of Mercy.”

My mind went to what some say, “That Mary did not understand what was happening as she “pondered things in her heart.”

To an extent, maybe she did not have a complete understanding of it all?  

Here, she knew God was fulfilling “His Promise of Mercy.”

I truly believe she knew this Son who she was about to bring forth, was going to be the fulfilling of God’s promise.

She may not of understood how it was all going to happen, I do not know?  She knew this Child, was going to be “Mercy” for the entire world.

As my thoughts pondered many days on this, I understood, God has sent to us, all the “Mercy” He had to send.

His name is Jesus.

We do not have to “beg” God for mercy.

God made us a promise, He kept it, and He fulfilled it.

This mercy walks with us every single minute, hour, and days of our lives.

It will never end, as long as the earth is revolving and there are people on it.

I have always heard:

“God’s mercy knows no bounds.”

I do not think a more truer statement has ever been made regarding God.  I understand more than I ever have what makes that statement so true.

The mercy of the Cross is limitless. 

It is no respecter of person.

It is no respecter of time. 

The only thing which can place limits and boundaries upon the greatest of all mercies, is our lack of faith and confidence in it.

I do not ask God for mercy anymore. 

Instead, I remember He has already given it to Me. 

Now, it is up to me to believe in it, and thank Him for it.

God cannot give to us, any greater mercy then He did on the Cross.

It fulfilled and accomplished all things.

Sometimes I wonder when we begin this “pleading thing with God,”

if He does not say:

“I gave to you all I have to give./The death of My Son.”

“Through this, I kept every promise I ever made to you.”

“What more do you want?”

Oh Jesus, “Promise of Mercy,”  Your Mother knew all along.

God Bless, SR


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A Life of Holiness

Do we ever ask ourselves, “What is coming out of my vineyard?”

Is it good fruit, ripe for the picking, having been tended to and nurtured?

Is it “wild fruit,” which has no discipline at all?  Grows when and where ever it wants to? 

We think of ourselves of always bearing some kind of fruit. 

Maybe these fruits are one’s of good deeds, prayer, helping someone overcome something, or lending a shoulder to cry on.

Do we ever think about the fruit of “holiness?”  True devotion to God?

We see in today’s readings, God planted a vineyard of people.  The Israelites.  He tended and nurtured this vineyard in order for them to “bear the good fruit” of “holiness.”

He watched and waited “for this good crop of fruit to come forth.”

All He got was a bunch of “wild grapes,” that were no more devoted to Him than a man in the moon. 

They grew into a race of people, who had as much discipline in their fruit, as a gnat flying around their faces.

We all want to “bear good fruit” for God.  We are called to do so.

When we lose the most important of all fruits, which is our holiness, all other fruits are going to come and go as they please.

Being devoted to God is so much more, then what we do.

For one, it is complete dependence upon Him.

Another it is allowing God to guide and direct, our lives. 

Following His Commandments in obedience to His will.

Without these things, God doesn’t much care for what our “vineyards” are producing.

We cannot get out here, doing things our way, without God. 

I do not care if what we are doing seems good to us, and seems good to others.

If it does not have the sound foundation of God somewhere in it, it is not going to be “acceptable” to Him. 

If we are not devoted to God, living our lives in holiness, we are just a bunch of “wild grapes.”  Nothing more.

In our second reading it says:

“Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. “

In these things alone, is where our “holiness” truly lies.

Living our lives in these things, is what God really wants to come out of His vineyard.

Being true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, and gracious, is a life which God honors. 

It is also the life which will bring forth all God wants from us.


Lord, how many times have I done things not because I was devoted to You, but because they brought me some sort of praise from others? How many times have I born wild fruit, out of my own selfish desire to be loved and admired?  How many times Lord, have I wanted to appear to be living in holiness, when there was absolutely no discipline within myself at all?

Doing things which come from my own will Lord, not Yours?

I pray Lord, You keep your hedge around my vineyard.  In doing so, it will produce only what you want it to produce. 

Let nothing come out of me, that is not in true devotion to You, and not myself.  +

God Bless, SR

Jesus said, “Therefore, I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit.”
Image: James Tissot “Communion of the Apostles”
Taken from Today’s Mass readings


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The Fish – Hook in my Britches

Today I was thinking about my older brother.  Now do not get me wrong, I adore him, and always have.

He taught me many things in life, that I am forever grateful for. 

His teaching methods, well……… let us just say, “Were less than to be desired.”  🙂

I do not remember him ever hitting me, as there were five years difference between us.

The only way I can truly explain him is “tough as nails with a heart of gold”

I mean give this man a horse and a pasture, and he is the happiest man on earth. 

Has been a “cowboy” all of his life, and all that entails.

Anyways, when we were young he was teaching me how to fish.  We had a tank (pond) down in our pasture a little ways from the house, but in walking distance.

As we were walking it began:

“You know there are snakes out here./Copperheads, big ones, and they are waiting to bite you./ There are water moccasins in the tank, and you might catch one when you put your hook in the water./Better watch where you step, because one could be waiting for you, and he will bite you when you step on him.”

This from the man who chased me with every grass snake he ever found!

Well we made it.  Got our rods and reels ready, baited the hooks.  Now I was standing behind him when he got ready to cast.

All of a sudden I felt something grab the seat of my britches.  What did I think it was????

You got it, a snake!!!!

I started running and screaming, “A snake has bit my shorts and he is still hanging on!”  (I had not even started school yet)

All the while I was running I could hear his line going, “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”  

Of course he was screaming, “Stop running it is my dat-gum fishing line and the hook is in your britches!”  

When I got to the end of the line I had no choice but to stop.  Of course he was laughing himself to death, while I could hardly breathe.  🙂

He got the fish-hook out of my britches, wiped my tears, and from that moment we had a wonderful day.

As I was remembering this today, it made me think about God. 

A lot of the times in life, we see it so hard.  We begin to wonder, “Why is this happening to me?”

We become afraid and fearful. 

Like I was as a child, I thought a “snake” had me by my “britches,” and all the time it was someone who loved and loves me very much.  He and I are very close.

God is never going to let us go.  When the anxieties of life hit us,

God is always behind us, with His “hook in our britches reeling us back in.”

We just need to quit running.

God Bless, SR




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Placing Limitations on God’s Love and Mercy


Jesus Eating With His Enemies

Many times we see someone and in our humanity may think of them so “unworthy of heaven.” 

It may be because of a sin we see them committing?

It may be in our own self-righteousness, we are questioning their salvation?

Maybe in our own thought process we may be thinking, “How can God love that?”

It may be because we have lived a lifetime as a Christian.  Trying to do what is right and good.  Believing in God all of our lives.

Then one who has been evil all of their lives, on Tuesday they come to God, on Wednesday they die and we think, “There is no way he/she is in heaven.  He/she lived a “Godly life” for one day, and there is no way God is going to accept that, after the forty-years of evil they have done?”

“That would just not be fair to me!”

In today’s Gospel readings we see Jesus saying something:

Jesus said to them, (chief priest and elders) “Amen I say to you, tax collectors and prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God before you./When John came to you in the way of righteousness, you did not believe him; but the tax collectors and prostitutes did.”

A lot of the time, we think it kind of unfair that we have walked this road with Christ all of our lives, then all someone has to do is repent of their sins at 70, believe in Christ, and they are going to be in heaven also.

They do this after truly living a life of hell, and making life hell for others.

Of course we never think of all the pit falls we have taken, on our journey with Christ.

We never think about how many chances He has given us, over and over again.

We never think about how many times we have nailed Him back on the Cross, by our own selfish needs and desires.

That is the problem, “we don’t think.”

Jesus loves us all from the worst of sinners to the most righteous one.

All the thief on the cross had to do was desire Jesus, and that very day he was “with Him in Paradise.”

When we view others of being so unworthy of heaven, what we are actually doing is placing limitations on God’s love and mercy, for the very children He created.


Lord, I know I have often thought of those “unworthy of heaven.”  I realize in doing so, I am saying, “They are not worthy of your love, mercy, and forgiveness.”

How can I think this Lord, when it took the torture, murder, and death of Your Son, to make “ME” worthy?

When it took thousands of drops of His most Precious Blood, to cover every sin I have committed in my life.

When to look upon me Father, You have to look at me through the Eyes of the Cross.

Forgive me Lord,  “For I am not worthy that You should enter unto my roof.”

God Bless, SR

The Lord said, “But if he turns from the wickedness he has committed, and does what is right and just, he shall preserve his life; since he has turned away from all the sins that he has committed, he shall surely live, he shall not die.”
Taken from Mass readings Today






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They Make Me Proud I am a Catholic, This is Why?

Much has been happening in the Church, regarding homosexuals.  Do we accept homosexuals in the Church?  Do we accept homosexuality in the Church?

I really have been torn on this, as according to Church teachings, “The acts of homosexuality is a sin.”

I went to a friend who gave to me a couple of videos to watch, regarding this.  This is the conclusion I came to for myself and why.  I did this for myself, because no one can come to any agreement on it whatsoever.  Not even our Church leaders can.

Agree, do not agree.  Everyone knows that really does not matter to me.

Hearing their testimonies made me think a little differently.  

These people growing up knew they were “different.”  Different in a way which they knew would never be accepted by many. 

They all spoke of despair, loneliness, depression, being teased and tormented as a child, (mostly as a teenager) and not knowing what to do with it all?

Could they deny who they were to themselves?  The answer for them was, “No.”

Some turned to alcohol, drugs, sex with the same gender/or not, and many other things.

Something happened to them.  They found the Catholic Church.  They found the truth in the Catholic Church.  

They were accepted, loved, and were helped with the Sacraments, teaching’s of the Church, guidance of the Priest, and the love which came from those in the Church. 

The result of all of this was for them:

Knowing they are still a homosexual, giving up the “act” of homosexuality, and living a chase life for God and the Church.

When I heard them make these statements I knew my views and judgment on this had to change. 

Honestly, they are doing better than I am!

It was the Catholic Church, that allowed these people to experience the love of God in their lives. 

It was the Catholic Church, that gave to them the ability to stop which they themselves considered to be a sin.

It was the Catholic Church, which helped them to overcome their despair, loneliness, depression, and suicidal tendencies. 

It was the Catholic Church, who brought them to the love and mercy of God.

It was the Catholic Church, who let them be who they were, but in a way, that it no longer endangered their souls.

It was the Catholic Church, who brought them to freedom and truth.

I pray, after listening to their testimonies, that I will never take the Catholic Church for granted again.

She has actually become the most beautiful Church on earth to me, because of “these testimonies.”

Do I believe “the act of homosexuality is a sin?” 

Yes, and so do the people I am discussing here.

Do I believe adultery, abortion, sex outside of marriage and many other things are a sin?


I found out about myself through all of this, I have an easier time accepting those things in people, then I did of the “acts” of a homosexual.

You know, I did not like myself very much when I realized that.

I am not saying, “That every homosexual that comes into the Church, it is going to turn out this way for them.”

I am saying:

If they feel as if they are in sin.  If they are living a life of despair, loneliness, depression, and suicidal thoughts because of it. 

If they want love, understanding, help and guidance.

Who are we as Catholics, to deny them that?

We certainly do not deny that to those who have had abortions, or those who commit adultery, do we?

To these people in the video, our Church was the last hope they had.

Because they were met with the love of God, the love of those who were in the Church, and receiving the help they so desperately were seeking, everything about their lives changed.

This makes me proud they are a Catholic. 

They make me proud I am a Catholic.

God Bless, SR







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“You Got it All Wrong”

Job and His Friends by James Tissot

Many of us as children of God are always searching for wisdom and knowledge.  Be it in Scripture, doctrine, or in trying to enhance ourselves spiritually.

We try to understand all that we are going through.  We try to understand our joys and our sufferings. 

We try to understand others and their joys and sufferings. 

Then, we try to understand the ways of God.  That at times seems almost an impossibility. 

Job and his friends did it.  Job had no clue as to why so much suffering had come into his life.

His friends just knew it had to be something that Job had done against God, to cause all his pain.

His wife told him, “To curse God and die.”

No matter what, everyone had an opinion and thought.

Into today’s readings from the Old Testament we see the Lord saying:

“As high as the heavens are above the earth, so high are my ways above your ways and my thoughts above your thoughts.”  (Is. 55:6-9)

When we try to figure everything out, it really does not work does it? 

True, God does give to us the Holy Spirit to lead and direct our thought process to the right path.

We really in return, have to be willing to follow it, don’t we?

So often we take the wrong fork in the road.

If when we are not sure, what do we do?

We trust, that God already has the why’s, wherefores, and the answers to it all.

Our wisdom, reasoning, and ways will never be superior to God’s.  

We do not have the answers to every question.

What we do have is an all-knowing, loving God, who wants us to let Him lead us through this path we call, “life.”

We can never seem to let go of trying to figure it all out ourselves.

Just about the time we think we have it all figured out, God shows up and says:

“You got it all wrong.”


Lord, I do not have the answers to the questions of the universe.  I do not have the answers to the causes of my joy and suffering.  I do not have the answers to the confusion which at times, imploded itself in my life.

If I would only trust that You do, and through it all, I will only continue to do Your will, as that is all you are truly asking, of me.

In my many curiosities, I lose sight of that very thing. +

God Bless, SR

“Seek the Lord while He may be found, call Him while He is near.  Let the scoundrel forsake his way, and the wicked his thoughts; let him turn to the Lord for mercy; to our God, who is generous in forgiving.”
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor my ways your ways, says the Lord.” 
Taken from Today’s Mass readings 





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Friday Thoughts – Repenting for Praying the Rosary

When I first became a Catholic, one of the hardest things for me to do was, “Pray that Rosary!”

It was not the belief in the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.  It was not accepting Mary as my Mother.  It was not that the Catholic Church is indeed the Church which Christ started.

It was praying the Rosary!

I mean my thoughts were:

“Am I going to hell, in a hand-basket?”  “Do I pray to anyone else, outside of God?”   “Does God really want me to do this?”  “Is Mary really praying for us?”  “I am praying to a dead person!”

You name it, the thoughts were there!  Trust me, there were a thousand more outside of these, so what to do?

I laid the Rosary on my kitchen table.  Of course it stayed there for two weeks, but I kept looking at it everyday.

After the two weeks, I finally felt drawn to it, and begin to pray.  But…. I did not only begin to pray it, I repented for every single bead I prayed.  Yes, fifty-three repents, every single day!  Fifty-three Hail Mary’s every single day!

It took forever!

This is what I would say to God:

“God, if this is not right, please forgive me?”

Again, “fifty-three times!”

Praying the Rosary, was not a “natural prayer for me to pray.”

All my life, it was only the Blessed Trinity, to Whom I prayed.

As time went on, and I begin to realize that God was answering the prayers, I was asking the Blessed Mother to pray.  I had to ask myself:

“If this is wrong or evil, why would God give me an answer?”

Then the Holy Spirit gave to me an answer:

“People in heaven are not dead.”

We never really think of those who have died, being alive in heaven, but they are.

To think of them in any other form or fashion is to say,

“Jesus never rose.”

The Rosary has since become one of my daily prayers.  Sometimes I make it through the whole thing, and sometimes I do not.

I also learned, the Blessed Mother loves us so much, why would she not pray for her children, as any Mother would?

God Bless, SR





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The Fullness and Beauty of God in the Catholic Church

I was contemplating on when I first became a Catholic and when for the first time I stepped my foot in the Catholic Church.

My first reaction was, “The fullness and beauty of God is in this Church.”

Now mind you I was still a Protestant at that time.  I did not fully understand why those thoughts came to me, or even what they meant?  I just know they did.

As time went on I begin to understand them a little better, and how God was answering those questions of “why” within myself.

The Church had everything for me.

First I realized it was the only Church which had the “Full Gospel” in it, that I had attended.  From the readings it went from the Old Testament, to the New Testament, to the Gospels. 

All the Churches I had been in read a few Scriptures from a Book in the Bible, and the sermon was held on that.  I am not saying it was not “good preaching,” as I learned a lot. 

How the Catholic Church tied in the OT Scriptures to the New Testament Scriptures, to the Gospels, was amazing to me.  I never knew they correlated so much!

Then the Eucharist.  To just imagine me sitting there in the presence of Christ Himself, was unbelievable and beautiful to me.  To recieve Him…well what can I truly say?  Are there really any words to explain?

To be able to sit with Him in Adoration for an hour, in quiet and peace, lifted my soul to a place, as no such place had it ever seen in its life.

To sit there and talk with Him.  Him talking to me.  At times just sitting in silence with one another, in nothing but love.  How safe I felt in those moments.

Then the Sacraments.  I begin to understand I had every single thing I needed through them, to help me maintain my salvation.  How through the years, they have helped, guided, and directed me, on this path.

The Blessed Mother.  It took awhile for the Rosary with me.  (Another story)  She and I got off to a rather bad start. 

Then all of a sudden one day I picked up the Rosary, and begin to notice my prayers being answered.  They were being answered more quickly then  ever in my entire life. 

How through the years, she has become a Mother to me, of great love, prayers and comfort.

The Saints.  How much they taught me.  How much I longed to be one. 

Then they showed me, I had to be what God created me to be.  I could not be them in any aspect. 

They showed me I was an individual, uniquely made by the Hand’s of God.  Created for His own purpose, to be fulfilled within myself, through Him.

The Reverence for God.  I had never knelt in Church, though I did bow my head to pray.  At first the up and down, was a little hard for me to get used to. 

Then it hit me one day, I needed to do more than bow, God deserved a complete prostrate from me.  I never did it, but at least I understood why the kneel was so important.

The Sign of the Cross.  To bless myself with the Sign of the Cross, became for me, a symbol of what Christ actually did.  That He would even allow me to do the such, showed me how much He loves me.

The Prayers.  Some of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard or prayed.  Be they in Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, Catholic Prayer Book, or of the Saints.  How much these prayers have gotten me through, and how close they brought me to God.

As years passed, I came to understand the thought which came when I first stepped foot in the Catholic Church.

Everything of God is there in that Church.

 His forgiveness, His Word, His Spirit,

His Son.

Though we have endured many scandals, He is still there in fullness and beauty.

God Bless, SR




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My Grandmother and the “World of Button Pushers”

One time I was complaining to my Grandmother about how busy I was.  This was her reply to me:

“I do not feel sorry for none of ya!   How would you like on Monday to go get your wood to burn to heat your boiling pot to boil your clothes in, after making your soap to clean them in?”

“Then on Tuesday how would you like when it is a hundred degrees, to heat your iron on a wood stove, with no air conditioning?  Then after that how would you like to cook lunch on the same would stove in the same hundred degrees heat?”

“After you got through eating how would you like to go draw your water and again, heat it up on the same wood stove to do your dishes?”

“After you were through with that, then how would you like to grab your cotton sack and go pick cotton?  I never could get up to 100 pounds, 70 was the most I could ever pick.”

“Then how would you like to have to come in cook supper, go get that water and boil it again to wash your dishes in?”

“After that, how would you like to go get some more water, boil it to bathe your kids in, inside a wash tub?”

“Then how would you like to sit for hours fanning them, because it is so hot they cannot go to sleep?”

“I don’t feel sorry for none of ya!” 

“All you do is “push a button” and everything is done for you.”

“All y’all are, are a “bunch of button pushers!”  LOL!!!!

Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it??

Remember this, the next time you think you really have it bad!

God Bless, SR


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What about the Kids? When Parents take Religion too Far!

This is an extremely hard post for me to write.  I cried when I read these things, as I cannot imagine as a parent making my child feel this way, because of my Church/Religion/Faith.

This is going to be the last post I do on the Fundamentalist.  I did this for three reasons, as I said, “it is the biggest threat on the love of Christianity there is.”  To defend the love of God, and for our youth.

Here are some quotes:

“To my Church a baby’s cry is selfish, and proof of original sin.”

“It has been four and a half years since my parents cut me off.”

“My parents come from a place where religion conformity is everything.”

Parents said,  “You are killing us by rejecting our faith and living your truth.”

Another parent wrote, “I have not seen my son in  two and a half years.”

“To be cut off from your family because you no longer live by their traditions – it is a type of life-like no other.” 

“I am the type of person God used to sentence to death.”  (By a daughter)

Parents feel like, “Their child has died.”

“Child is carrying parent’s pain.”

“Parent’s are hurting because of who they are, not because of who we are.”

“Religious mindsets and groups can blind so many people.”

Parents do, “What their leaders and texts say they should do.”

“I learned that I only existed to serve other people, my own desires, ambitions, and joys did not matter, in fact they were foolish, dangerous, and arrogant.”

“I feel in my heart of hearts, I believe I do not deserve to exist.” (Because of Church teachings, the Bible, and sermons)

In fact they were taught they were, “insubstantial, tiny, and miscellaneous compared to God.”  Also taught, they were “utterly worthless and wicked.”

“I am situationally mute.  I feel like I do not have the right to participate in life.”

“Ecumenism is a great error of our time.”

“I don’t deserve to exist.”  “I don’t deserve to exist.”  “I don’t exist like you  do.”  (To parents)

“I think this lie was pounded in me so hard that it went straight through me.” 

Okay, I am stopping there because I cannot take it anymore myself!  I cry every single time I think about it.  This does not even scratch the surface of it.

“A baby’s cry is selfish!”

These are Calvinist or a form of them. (I know the same can be said for some in all religions)

From my studies, Catholics and Protestants alike are flocking to the “Fundamentalist.”  Their numbers are growing at an astonishing rate.   

As I read all of this I could not help but think of the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph as parents.  They fled to Egypt to save the life of their Son.  Not only that….

Their Son, Jesus, was teaching an entirely new religion, faith, how to act and behave.  He fulfilled the Jewish Law.  You name it Jesus was changing everything. 

How quickly we forget, our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph were Jewish!  Yet, we do not see them, “kicking Jesus out of their home.”  “Disowning Him.”  “Making Him feel as if He had no right to exist.” 

How can one ever expect their kid to turn to a “loving God,” when they have been taught that because of Him, they have “no right to exist?”

Because of God, they can never “dream, have joy, or ambitions?”  That it is just stupid to do so!

How can one expect a kid to turn to God, when the “religion” they have been exposed to by their parent’s have made them feel less than dirt.  As  if they had been born as nothing to be but a slave for others.” 

My heart breaks for them, and so should yours. 

I am a parent, and I do not care if one of my kids, painted stripes on like a zebra, wanted to be a horse, and talked like a donkey. 

Not one thing could ever make me turn away from them, and not one thing could ever make me withhold my love TO them.

God is a loving God.  He loves us in spite of our sins.  We can approach Him at any given moment, with our sins and our virtues.  He will never turn us away!

Why?  He is our Father, and we are always welcome in His home!  We are always welcome in the embrace of His arms. 

God does not require us to “carry His pain” for the sins of the world.  His Son did that.  Now we may suffer because of our sins and the sins of others, but Jesus carried the pain, that God required for it all!

I know many of you cannot understand why I did this.  Some of you may not even agree with me, and that is okay!

When I see hurting hearts like this, all in the name of God and Religion, somebody has to tell them:

I love you, God loves you, and no matter how great of a sinner you have been made to feel, you are no greater a sinner than I!

You are no more wicked than myself.  I have to depend on God’s mercy daily, because of it.

I promise you, there is no sin so great, that He does not look upon the Blood of His Son to cover it. 

I pray for you and you never leave the love of my heart.

If you did not have the right to participate in life, God would not have created you. 

I do not know your heart, I do not know your name, I do not know your face, but please take my love for you, somewhere deep inside of yourself. 

I want you to live and exist with me on earth. 

God Bless, SR

“The Lord is kind and merciful, slow to anger, and rich in compassion.”
Taken from today’s Responsorial Psalm






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Do Fundamentalist Believe They Have a Right to Judge Others?

The answer to the title of this question is absolutely, yes!  I know it from personal experience, I also know it from what they write and some of what I have studied.  They refer to this as, “Righteous Judgment.”

Now, before I get into this, why do fundamentalist believe this?

For one, they believe more or less they are the “elect” group of people who because of their doctrine, beliefs, and judging of others, they are assured of a place in heaven. 

We know this is true, as again I go to Matthew Shepard when they were standing outside his funeral with signs reading, “Matthew is in hell.”  Right there is judgment on a soul.

I also want to give you a few quotes:

“Judge Righteously.”

“Sinful type of judgment is to judge others while sinning yourself.”

“Before judgment we must confess, repent, and ask forgiveness.”

“When God has granted us strength to overcome that sin, we will see clearly to help others out of it as well.”

“You are correct in one matter, you have chosen to go to hell.  You are without an excuse on the day of judgment.”  (Written to someone who came against the post.)

“The Church does not meet on the Lord’s Day to entertain goats.”    (This refers to the Charismatics.  I guess Church is only for the sinless, I do not know???)

Is this correct?  I do not think so.

For one thing, from personal experience along with this judgment comes, persecution, attacks, and condemnation.  When in my case, as this person did not know me, sins were actually made up about me, and I was told to “repent.” 

I did not repent as I had not committed them, though I did repent of those I did commit that day.

So let us look at a few things here.  Like the difference between “judgment and discernment.”

Judgment:  One has set themselves up as the “judge” of your soul. 

Judge:  Decides your whole case.  Your innocence or guilt.  If you are going to be set free, (in our case heaven)  or sent to prison? (in our case hell)  Sounds a little like God, doesn’t it?  We are not God????

Judging Righteously:  Means the “judge” is free from guilt or sin.  In Hebrew it means “innocent.”  Sounds a little like Jesus doesn’t it?  We are not Jesus????

Discernment:  Which is my favorite, is to “judge wisely.”

We as Christians must always “discern sin.”   We see the definitions of the words “discernment” and “judgment” are clearly different.

It goes back to when St. Bridget of Sweden asked our Lord, “Why do the innocent have to suffer?”

His reply was, “Who is innocent?”  “Only I know who is deserving.”

None of us are “innocent” enough to judge anyone for anything.

So let us talk about discernment here.  To judge wisely.

Wait, I just said, “We cannot judge!”

To discern the sin of another, is for ourselves more than anyone.

Let me give you an example of say, “gossiping.”

This actually happened to me.

A conversation led to gossiping, by some Christians.  Almost immediately the Holy Spirit convicted me, “This is wrong.”

I needed to get out of it and I needed to get away from it.  I needed to do it without injury to my friends, or myself.

So I discerned that I would simply say, “You know I have to run.  No offense but this is getting a little gossipy for me.”

“I have enough to atone for without adding one more thing on my list.”

Immediately the gossip stopped.  They agreed, and we laughed together.  We knew it was wrong.  Yes, I did repent.

That is all it took to get them out of their sin, and get me out of mine.

Judging wisely is to discern if  we want to be drug into the sin of someone else?  That is what needs to be judged within ourselves.

So what about when we see others in sin?

If we want to help someone overcome sin, we have to claim that we ourselves are one of the greatest sinners.

Showing the same love and compassion for them, as Jesus does us.

Pointing out the truth, like in the “gossip” story, we do it in a way which if we must condemn, it should only be about ourselves. 

This is discernment in it’s greatest form.

I condemned myself saying, “I had too many sins, and did not need another one on my list.”  That was not a lie.

What this does is make another feel as if they are not being judged.  Therefore; taking all defense they may have, away.

As I said, “Our judgment is imperfect at best.”

We never have the right to judge a soul.

We do have the right to discern sin, to help us to avoid it.

If we want to help someone else out of it, do not make ourselves holier then they are, by sending or implying their souls are hell bound. 

God Bless, SR





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How the Blessed Mother Called Me to the Catholic Church

Here I was a Protestant.  Never really thought about being anything else.  Being a Catholic was the very last thing on my mind.

I went to the Assembly of God Church and had for as long as I could remember.  Loved it and loved the people. 

As time passed on, the loud music, the tears, the laughter, clapping, and dancing became a little draining for me.  I was beginning to find myself a little tired when leaving the service. Due to this, the spiritual part of me was starting to dry up.

I am not saying any of this wrong, it was like I said, a wonderful Church with wonderful people.

Anyways, one Sunday I was coming home after Church and as I was driving I said, “Lord, I am missing something, what is it?”

Never really thought anymore about it.

The following Tuesday I heard these words, “Go to my Son, He lives in the Tabernacle of the Church?”

What and what is a Tabernacle????  I did not even know one existed on this earth!

The one thing I did know, is that it was Mary.  Do not ask me how, to this day I cannot tell you, I just knew, is all I can say.

Every single day for a month, “Go to my Son, He lives in the Tabernacle of the Church.”

Being Mary, I knew it had something to do with the Catholic Church.  I have a neighbor who is Catholic so I called her to the fence.

I asked her, “Is there a Tabernacle in your Church, and if so who is in there?”

You can only imagine how my stomach dropped to my feet when she said, “Yes, there is and we believe Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity is there.” 

Shock, does not even begin to describe what I felt when I heard those words.  I said nothing to her as to why I was asking.

This began a year long, “Go to my Son, He lives in the Tabernacle of the Church.”

It also began me saying to God, “No, surely not this!  There is no way You want me in the Catholic Church???”

I did not go to Church for a year, as I truly did not know where I belonged.  Every single day there she was, “calling me to Her Son.”

Finally, after a year of this I was coming down my hall with her right behind me, saying her faithful words.  I hit the wall with my hand and told God, “Fine if you want me to be a Catholic I will, but please get his woman off of my back!”

At that point it did not matter what I had been taught about the Church, what I believed or anything else!  All I wanted was to never hear those words again, as she said them everyday, many times a day.

I went straight to the phone, called the Church, entered into RCIA and the rest is history.  I called my neighbor, told her the story, and she became my sponsor.  That was in 2005.

Mary, never spoke those words to me again, from that day.

Do not ask me why, I do not know why it was done the way it was.  What I knew about Mary, you could of placed in a thimble at that point and time in my life.

All I know is I made a statement to God on Sunday, never really thinking about it, and Tuesday, she showed up.

Becoming Catholic was not a “decision” for me.  It was a “calling” by God.  Mary, was the one He sent to call me. 

Since that time, she has become very precious to me.  I have never again asked God to, “Get her off of my back.”

The Catholic Church has truly been one of the greatest blessings of my life.

You can believe this or not believe it.  That is completely up to you. 

I am telling you, every single word of this is true.  I mean who could make this up?

God Bless, SR

Dedicated to Edward, as he loves our Blessed Mother so much.



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Do Fundamentalist Live, What they Attack us With?

I am doing this because I believe this is the greatest threat against the “love of Christianity” for Catholics and Protestants alike. 

I knew nothing of these people until I was attacked by one.  Since then I am learning and I want to give you a conversation between two of them.

These people are extremely Sola-Scriptura, or so they claim.  I was warned about hell and everything else by one of them.  I am going to begin with a Scripture which one of them gave:

But he (Jesus) answered, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by the very word that comes from the mouth of God.”  Mt. 4:4

Now let us go to the conversation.

“Thank you brother for this verse and your stand on Sola-Scriptura.”

“I am currently watching a series on DVD”s on life of Martin Lloyd  Jones.”

“I am going to add this to my list of much watch.”

“Been reading Lloyd Jones and books about him for several years.”

“I recommend this book to anyone questioning their own affections for Christ, or those that win souls and wish to “judge” whether others are in faith.”  (Referring to book by Jonathan Edwards)  I might also add his book was referred to as “treasured works.”

“This makes reading the book a lot like having a Bible study with the great theologian.”

Sister, thanks for these resources.”  (Other books and authors)

“Just like Bunyan in prison writing Pilgrim’s Progress.”

“I am also encouraged to see in reading these testimonies, that we serve a God who is the same yesterday, today and always, who is no respecter of man.”

“I hope you are blessed by this testimony.”

Wow thanks for reviews.  I still need to read the book myself.”

“Those of us who have been believers for awhile are encouraged and motivated by the enthusiasm by younger believers like yourself.”

“Your work’s in saving Catholics is much needed.”

Now, if this is not a contradiction in terms I do not know what is!

They send us to hell, and tell us we are not saved because we are not Sola-Scriptura.  Do not believe in Jesus.

They tell us we live by the doctrines, traditions, and teachings of man instead of God.

The only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ, and works count for nothing yet according to their own statement:

Their work’s “are much needed for “saving Catholics!”

They cannot SAVE anyone!

Then they are going to judge us, “to see if we are in the faith or not.”  This is so dangerous, because our “judging” is imperfect at best.

We also see them going to other sources outside of Scripture such as, DVD’s,  books, testimonies, and the beliefs and actions of their members to:

Encourage, bless, motivate, and to give them hope.

Let a Catholic read a book about a Saint for the same reasons and we are hell bound!  Let a Catholic even talk about one, and the result to them will be the same.

Let a Catholic or Protestant become encouraged, blessed, motivated or hopeful through the writings/teachings of anyone else outside of Scripture and we are hell bound!

They are doing it all the time.

I was attacked by one of the people in this conversation.  Warned about hell and many other things.  I did not even realize I had a book here on them.  I am now reading it.

I will be doing a few posts on this during the week, on what I am learning.  To all of my followers and first timers, I am going to have to approve all comments.  Sorry, but I am not arguing with these people.

I am finding out one of their main goals is the attack of Romanism.  Protestant denominations, you are not left out either, trust me on this one!

These are the people that when a young man named Matthew was killed for being gay, were standing outside the funeral home with signs saying,

Matthew is in hell!

Can you imagine what that did to those parents?

I am not doing this because I like controversy.  I assure you, I do not. 

I am doing it because for one thing I have had enough.  Another is because what they are screaming at the rest of us, they are not living themselves.

I will be giving some facts on them, and take it for what it is worth.   If you get bored with it, remember, so am I! 

God Bless, SR




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Who is Innocent, Lord?

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to love?  I was pondering on this as today’s readings is about “loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.”

In these ponderings I realized something.

Let someone go against me, hurt my feelings, say something nasty, do something nasty and as quick as they do, emotions begin to rise.

Emotions such as anger, wanting a herd of elephants to come upon them, wanting vengeance, wanting them to get what they deserve for doing that to me.

Within a moment all of these emotions and more, will rise up within myself.  I do not will them or want them.  They are just there. 

That goes to show me what is truly hidden in the “nature of man.”

Then there is love.  The one thing we are called to do, and taught how to do by our Lord Jesus. 

The one emotion, we have to actually “will” ourselves to have.

We think it comes so naturally, but let someone cross us and it will fly out the door as quickly as our anger will come in.

As I look at this picture of Christ and the Pharisees, I can only imagine what He was going through?

There is one Man, against many.

Can you imagine Him trying to get a word in edge wise?  (Kind of makes me understand why Jesus endured so much in silence.)

Can you imagine all the snarls, accusations, and persecution being screamed at Him, by so many?

This was done over, over, and over to Him. 

Jesus always did one thing.

He loved their souls more than He hated the evil coming out of them.  He loved those souls so much, He died for them.

I think that is the example He wanted us to follow.

Love that soul!

Did Jesus have to “will Himself to love these people?”

I don’t think He did. 

I think He was the One Man on earth, to which this was His natural emotion.

It is hard to love the unlovable.  It is hard to even want one good thing to happen to them. 

We do have the power through Jesus, to cast aside all the emotions which are so natural to our human nature.

We do have the power through Jesus, to will ourselves to love.


Lord, love is not a natural emotion for me.  I try to make it be the only emotion I have for others, but anger and resentment will rise within me in a moment’s notice, when I am hurt.

When this happens I realize who I truly am, without You. 

Help me Lord, to realize I am the most undeserving of Your Love.  

Help me to realize in spite of this, You choose to love me.

In remembering this, may I will myself to love others, as You love me.

“For who is innocent, Lord?”

“Only You know who is deserving.” +

St. Paul said, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  Love does no evil to the neighbor; hence, love is the fulfillment of the law.”

God Bless, SR

Image by James Tissot
Quotes taken from Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden



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Love Me More then you Hate my Church

Last week I had an interesting conversation with a young lady on her blog.  She had written a blog, regarding Scripture being our foundation.  I read the post and commented that Scripture states, “The Church is the pillar and foundation of the truth.” 

I did not get into the Catholic stuff with it, and never intended to.   I was referring to, there was a Church in the Bible, outside of Christ followers.  Never mentioned the word Catholic.

Anyways, all was well everything respectful and the discussion became about the “traditions of man.”  Again this discussion went to Scripture and I told her, “I would write some post explaining my views further on this.  I told her, “She did not have to agree, that was fine.”  All was fine.  No harsh words, thank you, etc…

Then it happened!

The whole thing became about the Catholic Church.  I want to quote to you some of the things I was told.  Now I was told, “I was loved????”

“Many traditions in the Catholic Church violate Scripture.”  Such as and (we have all heard them:)

“Mary,  transubstantiation, and merits of others to get us out of purgatory.”

“Not to put my trust in my knowledge or understanding.  Thirty years of reading the Bible without the Holy Spirit is no better than 30 years of reading the Quran.  If I still desire sin I need to work on my salvation.  I need to recall the verse where Jesus said, “I never knew you.”  Traditions of man cannot save me, Mary cannot save me, merits of the best Catholic cannot save me.  She is concerned because I look down on her warnings of hell and eternity.  I will one day have to give an account.  I need to set aside my pride and see the intent of her words were love, not assumptions.  (I had said, “She was making a lot of assumptions.”)  Then at the end and this got me, she stated, “I had no intention of discussing the Catholic Church????”  What????  You just did!

I never opened my mouth about the Catholic Church, to me it was about discussing Scripture and until this started, it was all going fine. 

I did come back with, “Get the plank out of your own eye, before you pluck the splinter out of someone else’s.”

I also told her, “If I was an atheist and someone approached me like this, I would never, ever believe in God.”

 I was accused of having pride, not knowing where my salvation came from, not having the Holy Spirit, that I follow after the traditions of man, desiring sin, (which by the grace of God I was able to restrain myself on that one) etc…  I was stunned! 

Yes, it ruffled my feathers and sort of hurt my feelings, to which she glorified herself in this by saying, “She was sorry, but if my pain called me to repentance she was not.”  Again, “what?”  I had not done anything to repent for???

It is almost laughable to me, if it was not so sad.

Her point was always hell and how “Jesus spoke of hell.”  This is true, He did, but….

Jesus taught “LOVE.”  He was love, He is love.

Our responsibility as Christians is to lead others to Christ.  We do this through love, not condemnation. 

We do not only lead them to Christ, we show them Christ.  Then when they are there, we give them over to Christ, and help when help is asked for.

This young lady acted like I did not have a brain in my head.  When she was born, I was probably a grandmother.  The day she was born I probably knew more about life, then she does today.

I tried to explain to her, “making people feel lower than a dog,” is not the way to lead others to salvation.

It was like when she became saved, her main goal on earth, was to condemn the rest of us.  She had found something that every other Christian does not know.  I hope I never know Christianity in that way.

It worries me for the future of Christianity. 

As I explained to her, “We all have something we can learn from one another.  That Christianity for me was always turned towards myself, meaning,  “Whatever faults I see in someone else, I remember mine are greater.”

 I do not think that even made an impression.

This hell, fire, and brimstone method which many take way too far, is getting us nowhere. 

I took everything she said about me, with a grain of sand.  I did so, because it did nothing to build my relationship with God nor with her. 

If I had not of been a Christian, it would have done nothing which would have made me desire God nor my salvation at all. 

As I told her:

“Love me more, then you hate my Church.”

God Bless, SR




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How Terrorist Make Us “One Body in Christ”

I very seldom ever do three post in a week but this is one I felt I had to do for all Christians.

I heard a quote today on television and I wanted to share it.

“Terrorist do not care what denomination you are when they are lining you up to kill you.  All they know is, that you are a Christian and for that reason they are going to kill you.”

“Terrorist make us all “One Body in Christ.”

“Isn’t it a shame that Christians cannot do the same?”

I really thought about these words.  I also thought about how Christians are in a continual “denominational battle.”

 At times I feel like I have nothing to hold up my pants, for goodness sake!!!!  I am sent to hell so much for being a Catholic, my butt has been burned off!

We are Christians, and we do so have thousands of different denominations.  I for one was born Protestant, and converted to the Catholic Church 12 years ago.

Battle after battle, I endured from some of my “well meaning Christian friends.”

I read it on the blog sphere all the time. 

This person sending that person to hell.  They do not send only Catholic’s to hell.

If you do not believe like them, go to the Church they go to, worship like them, read the same Bible they do, then sorry:

“You are hell bound!”

When God gave to man this authority, I have no idea, and I wish someone would fill me in on when it happened????

Let disaster come.  Let death come.  Let a terror attack happen, and it no longer matters, does it?

We recently had hurricane Harvey hit Houston.  You think it really matters if one was Protestant or Catholic, when people lost their homes, children, family members?

You think your beliefs, what Church you go to, how you worship God, or what Bible you read, really matters?

No, we all come together as “One Body in Christ” to help those people.

The last thing on our mind’s or theirs, are “denominational differences!”

You think those men who were beheaded by Isis gave a damn, about what Church each of them belonged to???  (Yes, I said damn!)

They died for their belief in Christ.  I wonder how many “persecutors” and “hell senders” would do the same?

I said “damn,” because it is time for all Christians to grow up, be “One body in Christ,” and help one another. 

There is going to come a circumstance in all of our lives, where it is not going to matter what Church one goes to.

It will probably be at the moment of our very last breath!

If  “terrorist” or a “disaster” can make us all Christians when they strike, then why cannot we do it ourselves?

Living in peace, joy, and harmony with one another.

Stopping the persecution!

If I was the last hope you had to breathe your next breath, would you turn me away because of what Church I go to?

That is what I thought.

God Bless, SR


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Being More than a Computer!

Are we more than a computer?  This is a question which popped into my mind, as I was mowing today.

It actually came from a conversation I had with someone on a blog.  Illness had struck someone very close to them, and they were trying to communicate through the computer.  It was not working because I am sure to the family with the illness, this was the last thing on their mind’s.

When people are sick and/or suffering, we need to offer more than a computer generated card, or a quick email/text message. 

We need to see the difference in ourselves and something we type on.

When someone is ill or going through something devastating, they need love.  A hand written card, a meal prepared, maybe a yard mowed, or washing done. 

They need a “grab bag,” of little gifts, or maybe a ride somewhere.  They may even need their animals tended to, or just someone who will take the time to listen to them.

Most of the time they need a hug and a whisper in their ear, “I am hear if you need me.”

We are human beings.  Human beings with a heart.  Something a computer or cell phone does not have. 

We also have arms and legs, which enable us to help others in their time of need. 

We have shoulders that they can lean on, and backs that we can carry them on.

A computer has a screen, a keyboard, chips, and an electrical cord.  It places us in touch with the world, no doubt. 

We also need to remember those next door to us.  Those who we claim to be part of the same family. 

It is sad to me, that people are becoming a species, which think the only way they can check on someone or offer help is through an alphabet key board, or video chat.  That really is not love.

Love is when we take time out of our lives, to get up and do something for someone in need.  To give of our time and services. 

To bring a smile to someone, who is knowing nothing but tears.

Close your computer and look at it.  I mean, what can it actually do, for the suffering?  Nothing! 

It has no feelings or emotions.  It has no heart.  It cannot move unless we move it.  It does not even function unless we turn it on. 

There is nothing like someone showing up on a doorstep, casserole in hand, and saying, “I know you are going through a hard time, and I am offering you any help that you need.”

I am so thankful computers and cell phones were not invented at the time of Christ.  He knew there was only one way to help someone. 

That was through love and sacrifice from Himself to and for others.

God Bless, SR 



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Depending on God’s Mercy, Today!

Jesus told St. Faustina:

“Now is the time for mercy.”

So what does this really mean?

To me it means, if we are going to depend on God’s mercy for ourselves, we better do it now, because at the final judgment, there is not going to be any on our souls.

Now one may ask “why?”

I believe it is going to be because God’s justice will demand punishment for how we have behaved here on earth. 

God’s justice actually demands things from Him.  He cannot go back on His Word, concerning His justice.

I have always believed, it is God’s justice that makes everything, “right.”  It has never been “vengeance” to me.

I am not saying, “It is not going to break His heart.”  There is just going to come the time, when we can no longer cry “mercy.”  That time, is going to be when Jesus comes back.

There are some Christians who believe, “once saved always saved.”  There are some who believe, “I believe in Jesus and what was done on the Cross, so I am going to heaven.” 

Is it all, really that simple?  “Just a belief,” and we are going to slide into heaven.

I don’t think so. 

Jesus also gave to us a list of “instructions” to get us to heaven.  We have to be obedient, kind, meek, peacemakers, take care of the poor and sick, and have faith. 

We cannot judge the souls of others.  We cannot get out here and commit murder, adultery, and worship other gods.

We cannot turn a blind eye to the needy and suffering, we see in our lives.

We have to as Jesus, “do the work’s of the Father.”

We have to learn to turn the other cheek, but that does not mean we tolerate evil.

We must remember Revelations tells us there is a book.

It is called the “The Lambs Book of  Life.”

In this Book, all the names of the Saints are written.

Jesus also said, “He would blot names out of this Book.”

When He does that, all will lose the inheritance of eternal salvation.  This book will be the final roll call of the righteous at the Last Judgment, and the names of the saved will be read aloud.

The names of the damned will not be found.

“Now is the time for mercy.”

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are just waiting to overflow us with mercy. 

They are waiting to forgive us for every single wrong thing we have ever done, if we are ready to confess and repent.

David said, “From my hidden faults acquit me.”

This means we have sins we do not even realize we have committed.

Still we must repent of them, and be willing to do whatever penance in order to overcome them.

If we think we can get out here and do whatever we want and then at the final judgment say:

“Lord, I am sorry and I confess all of my sins with a contrite heart,”

We are only, lying to ourselves.

Jesus wants us to depend on His mercy, today!

He wants us to do the things He laid out for us to do, in accordance with our faith.

If we wait until the last minute, the only thing we are going to receive, is “judgment.”

Jesus said, “For the Son of Man will come with the angels in His Father’s glory, and then he will repay everyone according to his conduct.”


Jesus, I do not want to wait until Your coming, to confess and repent of my sins.  I do not want to do this because, I could not stand for You to turn away from me.  In life or death that would be the destruction of my soul.  I think I would live an eternity of grief.  I cannot imagine never seeing You, again.

Jesus, I offer all of my past and present sins, to Your mercy, today.  Those I know I have committed and those which are hidden from me. 

I am willing to offer all the sufferings they have caused me and others,  for those who have not come to You for forgiveness. 

In Your Mercy I trust, today. 

Let me never forget, if You come tomorrow, it is my judgment I will receive.  +

God Bless, SR

Scripture taken from today’s Mass readings.




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Figuring out, “I am too stupid to study the Bible”

For many years now I have studied the Bible.  I have gone to some of what I consider the best theologians. 

I have had my “Strong’s Concordance” by my side so if I needed to really know what this word meant in the Hebrew or Greek, I could study that.

I have had a map so I would know what places and points the Bible was speaking about.

I have followed the genealogies in Scripture and who went where and why.

I still cannot tell you where “this Scripture” is found in the Bible, but I can tell you it is in there.

Then a few months back something happened.  I got tired of it.  I had studied so much, that I missed the whole point of Scripture. 

That was:

“To let the Lord speak to me, through it.”

I am not saying, “I regret doing this.”  I am not saying, “It was a waste of my time.”

I am saying this:

I lost something in doing this, for so many years.  That was hearing the voice of God, through His Word.

It definitely took away the intimacy between God and myself. 

I was growing in some knowledge for sure, but it was a knowledge which eventually lead to a path of dryness.

Oh, I knew this and I knew that, but I was losing, knowing God.

So about a month ago, I gave it up.  I started reading the Bible completely over again.

This time I am only taking God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit with me.

I have really come to understand how much wisdom and knowledge They, Themselves, can speak to me. 

Of course I have to be willing to listen.

I am not saying the way I studied the Bible was wrong.  The wrong part was, when I let go of God in doing it. 

When I cared more about what this person said or that one said, instead of caring more about what God was saying. 

I do not care anymore about that part. 

No one else can tell me, “How I was fearfully and wonderfully made.”

No one else can tell me, “Jesus had to die for my sins.”

No one else can tell me, “How much God loves me.”

The only One who can do that is, “God.”

I know now, God is the only One who can direct my path through it. 

He is the only One, who can get through to me, how much He loves me.

He is the only One, who can get through to me, what will separate Him and myself, which is sin.

He is the only One, who can convict me of those sins, and bring me into true contrition and repentance for them.

In some ways studying the Bible the way I did, made me a smarter person.

In other ways, it made me a very “stupid person.”

If we open our Bible, and the only thing we care about is “what we can learn,” we are going to be amazed at the end. 

We are going to be amazed at all we do not know.

The Bible is a source for learning, but so is our relationship with God.

We cannot have one without the other. 

So as you journey through Scripture, take God with you. 

After all, He did,

“Write the Book!”

God Bless, SR





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Depending on God and Asking for Your Prayers

As many of you know we are getting massive rainfall here in Texas, due to hurricane Harvey.  

Many have lost homes and businesses, especially on the coast of Texas and the Houston area as well.

Many are without power and water.

Many have suffered tornadoes, which are still forming.

My area has had much rain, but outside of some wind gust, we have been spared the devastating damages, many have suffered.  (We got ten inches yesterday and it is still pouring.  Houston as this morning has had over 24 inches, and it is still pouring there as well.)

The flooding has been more, then I have ever seen in my whole life.  It has come quickly and at this point is non-stop.

I have prayed very much, during the day and night for us and for all the others, which are going through this. 

The Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, as well as my personal prayers.

When storms in our lives hit such as this, it makes one realize how helpless we truly are.  My Dad always used to tell us kids when we were small:

“When you think you are too big for your britches, go out there and fight Mother Nature, then tell me how big you are.”

When it comes to Mother Nature, (or any storm in our lives) we are helpless outside of:

I have really had to depend on God these past three days, and it looks as  the rest of the week for this storm.

I have had to depend on Him for myself, my family members who have really been hit hard, and for those I do not know. 

The wonderful thing is, I do have God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit to depend on. 

I keep going back to the Scripture where:

“Jesus calmed storm.”

I realize:

“He is truly the only One who can.”

I keep saying over and over:

“In the Name of Jesus, peace be still.”

I am asking you all to please pray for my state.  Please do not stop until this is over. 

I am also asking you all to please thank God for those of us who have had no major damage. 

All morning all I could tell God was:

“Lord, You are our peace in the storms of our lives.”

I cannot tell you how much hope that gave to me for today, and those which are coming.

I do not care what kind of “storm” you are enduring in your lives right now.  Be it from Mother Nature or some other source.

God will get you through it, even though you feel helpless and can control nothing.

God Bless, SR

James Tissot

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Was it, Humility or Faith or Both?

We see so much going on in today’s Gospel readings, I do not know where to begin?

We see this poor woman who has a daughter, who is “being tormented by a demon.”  Can you imagine living with that, for one thing? 

We see her crying out to Jesus.  Now this tells me, “She knows He is the only One who can help her and her daughter.”   He is the only hope she and her daughter have.

Then we see the disciples wanting to “send her away,”  Jesus “ignoring her,” and then calling her a “dog.” 

Let us really contemplate her reply:

“Please Lord, for even the dogs eat the scraps that fall from the table of their masters.”

So what is it I see in this?

I struggled with these readings all week because as I said, “So much was going on.”  I could not focus on the “core,” of these Scriptures.  I knew it was more than her faith.

Then last night at Mass, Father mentioned the word:


There I had it.

This woman was being shunned and ignored.  She was called a “dog,” by our Lord Himself.  Instead of coming back at the disciples and Jesus, with angry and harsh words.

Instead of her turning and walking away in disgust, she accepted what the disciples were trying to do to her and how Jesus was treating her. 

More or less to me she was stating to our Lord:

“You are right, to You I am considered a “dog,”  because I am not a Jew.  We are living under the terms of the Old Covenant but, I am placing my faith in the New Covenant, which You are about to bring forth, by Your death.”

“One which I am going to be included into.”

To me, this is the faith of the Canaanite woman.

Jesus at that point had no choice, but to honor her request.

The Canaanite woman let nothing stop her, from receiving from Jesus what she needed.

The more they ridiculed her, the more she was humbled and the greater her faith grew. 

I do not know if I would have handled the such, in the manner to which she did?  Knowing me I can most assuredly say, “I would not have.”  (Truth hurts!)

I do know, that is how I should handle it.

A lot of the time we let the reactions and words of others determine, how we are going to approach Jesus.  We become angry, sullen, prideful and want to give up.  We may have harsh words and actions ourselves.

When we do this we forget, there is One man who is standing there ready to help us, if we will only:

“Humble ourselves before Him, and continue on in our faith.”


Today Lord, I humble myself before You, no matter what others do or say to me.  In this humility, may my faith become stronger, that You are there to help and defend me.

Let me say to You Lord:

“I know I am unworthy.  I know I am so undeserving, but I place my faith in what You have done for me.”

“Let the very grace of the Cross, always be enough to humble me and increase my faith in You.”

Do not let me say Lord:

Harsh and unkind things to others, when their words and actions become unbearable to my soul. 

Let me be humbled by knowing, You suffered this a thousand times greater then I ever will.

  Jesus said, “Oh woman, great is your faith!  Let it be done for you as you wish.”

God Bless, SR

Scripture from Today’s Readings:
Matthew: 15:21-28
Image by:
James Tissot





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Are We Continuously Being Created By God?

In Mass this past weekend, we had a visiting Priest.  During his homily he made a statement:

“We are continuously being created by God.”  “It never stops.”

Of course, all of you that know me, knows that sent my thought process, going in a thousand directions.  The contemplation on this statement has been much, and I came to the conclusion, “We are continuously being created by God.”

Each morning when we awake, brings to us a different day.  It will either bring to us a new joy or trial.  It will bring to us a gaining in our wisdom and knowledge.  A different prayer and life from yesterday. 

Different thoughts and words will come into our lives.  Also, different people to deal with, some difficult and some not so difficult. 

Almost daily, we confront a new season in our lives, be it one in the spiritual, personal, or physical world. 

We can be assured of one thing, today is definitely going to be different from yesterday or tomorrow.

I asked myself, “Why do things really change daily in our lives?”  This is the answer I came up with for myself.

God has each and every single day, planned for me.  He knows what it will all entail from the moment I open my eyes.  He also has the answer and help for it all. 

God knows exactly what I need to grow in, and what I need less of,  if not getting rid of it completely.

So daily with God, I am growing in something or getting rid of something.

Each time I do I am being “created.”  Sometimes, at the moment I know what I am being created into and for, and sometimes I do not.  At times the answer to that, comes years down the road.

With each creation, I always become more aware of God’s presence.  I become more aware, of what He is actually wanting for my life.  

I am able to walk through trials and tribulations better.

I gain more peace.

I become more rounded, as a human being and as a child of God.

I depend on Him more, and less on myself. 

If God left me where I was at  five years ago, that is exactly who I would be today.  There would be no growth or expansion in my life, whatsoever. 

He has to keep “creating” me daily, so I can become who and what I am supposed to be.  Without it, I would be just a stagnant life, with no hope of any kind. 

We all have to have growth of many and various kinds, in our walk with God.  Sometimes this growth is hard and sometimes it is not.

The only way we can do this, is to be “created” daily, by all the different, challenging, and not so challenging things and people who we will all encounter. 

If we are not willing to let this happen, we will never change.  That to me is exactly, what it is all about.

It is not a “recreation,”  to me that is not what God does.  A “recreation” we would remain the same.  God in His infinite wisdom knows that cannot happen.

He actually “creates” something new in us daily, if not hourly.

Would love your thoughts on it.


Lord,  from this day forward may my offering to You be,  “I am willing to let You “create” me, into the creature to whom I was born to be.  I want and desire the changes within myself, that only You know I need.  Help me each and every day to handle all things in my life, as You want me to handle them.  Do not let me handle them, as I did yesterday or will tomorrow, as each day and circumstances in my life is different.” +

God Bless, SR 


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Lord, “Today, I Remember”


Reflecting back on past years, I know there have been many times, where I have doubted your love for me.  I remember asking You over and over, “God where are You?”

I remember, when I did not understand why a sword was piercing my heart and soul?  I felt so alone and abandoned by You, God.

I remember, when anguish, distress, and persecution seemed to be my daily bread in life.  I could not understand Lord, why You were allowing it?

I remember, feeling as if I was starving for Your love.  The famine which consumed my soul, day and night.

I remember, feeling and standing naked before You Lord.  A feeling of total confusion.  Not understanding why a child of Yours, was searching so, for her Father?

I remember, feeling as if my life, body, and soul were in such grave danger, of having lost, You.

Why Lord?  Why did I have these feelings?

 Lord, I had those feelings because I kept forgetting.

I kept forgetting the “Unfathomable Wound of Mercy,” hanging on the Cross?  I kept forgetting the many wounds which covered the “One Wound” in such suffering and torment?

I kept forgetting, as innocent as I felt, I was in no way “innocent.”  I kept forgetting, the only innocence Who ever walked this earth, was Your Son, Jesus?

 I kept forgetting the many drops of Blood which were shed, were shed for my sins?

I kept forgetting what it actually took Lord, to save all of mankind??

Nails, lashes, thorns, and a sword which pierced a heart. Hands, feet and an entire Body stuck to “Wood of Torture.”  Thirst, suffocation of One’s own lungs, as He hung there gasping for air.  Feeling no love from hardly anyone in the crowd, except for His Mother’s, and a few disciples. 

Oh yes Lord, how I remember all of my anguish.  How I forgot Who it took to save me from it all?  How I forgot how much You loved me then, and how much You love me now?

It was I Lord, who separated myself from the love of the One, who hung upon the Cross. 

I wanted answers.  Help. A quick fix.

I forgot You wanted trust, faith, and for me to be confident in Your love.


Lord,  to an extent, I did separate myself from You during my years of suffering and torment.  My mind could only see that which it placed in front of me, which was “me.”  The eyes of my heart forgot Lord, to keep looking at the Cross, to the Wounds and the Blood, which were so tightly bound to it.  The Human Body from which it all flowed.  I ask for forgiveness, of those days.

Lord, today I remember the Wounds and Blood.  I remember the Human Body from which it all flowed.  In doing so:

I “remember” nothing can ever separate me from Your Love.

God Bless, SR

Paul said, “What will separate us from the love of Christ?  Will anguish, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or the sword?”  “No, in all these things we conquer overwhelmingly, through Him who loved us.”
 Scripture taken from:
 Romans 8:35, 37-39
Quotes from:
 St. Bridget of Sweden
Image by:
James Tissot
“God is Near the Afflicted”







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Greatest Example for All Women and Men

As I scan the blog sphere I am amazed at times what “Catholic Feminist,” or any “feminist” for that matter have to say. 

They think of themselves as:

Strong women, making changes in the Church.  Some think women need to be Priest and perhaps even the Pope. 

In many of my readings what amazes me, is the esteem they hold for themselves.  It is also like the rest of us who do not agree with all of their “agenda’s, are somehow less strong.  We have less of a voice, and somehow they think we need them to speak and think for us. 

How I disagree!  I have never in my whole life needed anyone to “think” and “speak” for me.  My parent’s did very well teaching me how to do that, thank you.

Anyways, it got me to thinking about our Blessed Mother.  The most humble of “ALL” women, whose only “agenda” was doing the “will of God.”  God’s will for her life was giving birth to His Son, and then watching Him suffer and die, for us all.

She did this without complaint or thinking of herself superior to others.  We see her going to help Elizabeth, when she was pregnant.  We also see her standing at the Foot of the Cross,  shedding “tears of blood.”  I am also sure this was because, as she watched her Son suffer, her heart was being drained of everything. 

I do not believe for one second, in these moments of her life,  her “agenda,” was to get out here and say, “I am woman, hear me roar!” 

At that moment in history, she went to the Jewish Temple.  We do not see her trying to change one thing about what went on in the Temple.  We do not see her saying, “I am the Mother of God’s Son, so step aside and roll out the red carpet for me.”  “I am going to become your high priest, and we are going to do things “my” way.”

We do not see her at the Foot of the Cross saying, “See how strong I am.  I am standing here watching my Son die.  All you women need to be just like me!” 

In fact, very little is recorded regarding what Mary said.

So what does all of this mean to me:

It is in the silence of the Blessed Mother, where she proved her strength.  It is in the silence of the Blessed Mother, that all of us, men and women alike, have one of the best examples in the world to follow.

It is in her obedience and humility to and before God, that she shines above us all. 

It is in her unselfishness on the “Day of the Cross,” not to call Jesus back to herself, that we see her shining like a jewel.

It is when her soul, “magnified God,” even when she knew if no one believed her, she would be “stoned to death,” that we see this woman was about to have a hand in changing the world forever.

She did it with humility, grace, silence, dignity, obedience and love.

Do I care about all of this, “feminism” in our society today?

Not one bit!

Until I find someone who can be an example to me, as great as our Blessed Mother, I never will.

God Bless, SR





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How my Mom Taught me to “Not to Throw a Fit!”

It amazes me when I go shopping how many kids are screaming to the top of the their lungs.  They are upset because they want that toy, book, or whatever else their parents said, “NO” to.

Not too far back I saw a 4-5 year old actually slapping and screaming at her grandmother, for the such.  I shook my head, as I was in total disbelief.  So I decided to share my story on how my Mother taught me, “I was not going to get one dat-blasted thing, through a fit.”

I was four years old and she and I went shopping.  At that time they had these wooden pianos, (which I called a pa-nanner) with about 10 keys.  It was bright red and so pretty and “I WANTED IT!”

She told me, “No.”  The fit began.  Crying, kicking, even laying on the floor, kicking and screaming.  So she bought it, to shut me up!

Oh I was a happy little camper then.  Fit, immediately stopped.  Wiped my tears and headed to the check out counter with Mom. 

We got into the car and she did not say a word, but she had one happy little girl.  We drove home and she was quiet, but we did have some chatting going on.

When we got home, she took my “pa-nanner,”  and placed it on the top of my closet shelf.  Back then, closet shelves were very tall.  She then turned to me and said:

“You will never touch it!”

At that, Mom turned and walked off.  Of course I could not reach it, not even with a stool.  In fact I was about 7-8 before I could reach that “pa-nanner.”  It stayed on top of that closet shelf for all of those years.

Then when I could reach it with a stool, she took it and threw it away.  Never once was I ever allowed to hit one key on that “pa-nanner.”   I looked at it every single day of those years, though.

I knew from that point and time in my life, if I wanted anything, it was not going to come to me, because I threw a fit, or thought myself so deserving. 

When she placed my “pa-nanner” on top of that closet shelf, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, my hands and that toy would never make contact.  They never did.

I also learned “no” meant “no,” and “yes” meant “yes.” 

There was never any discussion about it, something just told me, “If I liked my rear-end, to let it be.”

It was a lesson which I hated.  It was a lesson taught to me over a period of 3-4 years.  I never again, threw a fit in a store, or anywhere else for that matter. 

What that “lesson” did for me in my adult years, brought me far in life.  I was for the most respected in my work place.  I was always able to “climb the ladder.”  As one boss told me:

“You are a dying breed as far as employees go.  You actually work and do what you are told, without a comeback.”  Thanks Mom!

I just thought I would share this because the best thing a kid can learn is a:

“Life long lesson, taught at a very young age!”

God Bless, SR

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The “Breath of God”

For some reason in my spiritual life, I have always had problems connecting the Holy Spirit to God.  It is not that I did not know He is the “Spirit of God.”  I guess with my inquisitive mind, I knew there was more to it. 

First, let me explain, I knew God was God.  I also knew Jesus was “God Man,” and was also the “Son of God.”  So the two of Them I could connect as one.

When it came to the Holy Spirit, to me, He was sort of out there by Himself in my life.  For some reason I always related to Him differently, and could not connect Him as “One” with God and Jesus.

Of course I prayed about this and this is how I finally accomplished it.

I started reading my Bible through again, starting with Genesis.  I got to the part where God created Adam:

“Then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being.”

I had to ask myself, “Is the Holy Spirit the “breath of God?”

I begin to look up the word “breath.”  It correlated with God many times in the Bible.  It was always God and the “breath” which was breathed on someone. 

Also, when I read the creation story, God “spoke” everything into existence, except for Adam.  Adam was “formed” from the earth, and then God “breathed” His “breath” inside of him.

I understood, the Holy Spirit flows from the very “nostrils” of God, and is “life giving.”

Today I refer to Him as,

“The Breath of God.”

I realized something else also:

Jesus, the Holy Spirit, myself, you, the ground we walk on, the air we breathe, the sky above us, animals, the moon, stars, every single thing around us and including us, are all connected to God, in some form or fashion. 

I truly believe this is what Jesus knew, and no one understood.  Without the Holy Spirit, we cannot understand this either.  He leads and guides us into the truth of it all. 

More importantly, as the Holy Spirit is one in God, because He lives in us, we are “one” also in God.  Created in His image.

We cannot get out here and try to make it with, one or two thirds of the Trinity.  There are three parts to God:

God Himself, His Son, and His Spirit.

God loves us so much, He actually created us by “breathing His own spirit of life, within us.”

This is why, we are so amazingly made.  This is why we are such a masterpiece. 

The very essence of God, dwells in each and every one of us.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

God Bless, SR




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Lord, Am I Willing?

Lord, am I willing to let go of myself to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

Lord, am I willing to be poor in spirit?  Am I willing to recognize the need for You and Your grace, in my life?  Living unattached to the world, finding my security in You, relying on Your mercy, not on my own merits or material wealth?

Lord, am I willing to mourn for my sins?  Am I willing to let go of pretending they do not exist, offering true contrition and repentance for them?

Lord, am I willing to be meek and appear powerless and insignificant to the world?  Am I willing to let go of always wanting to prove to others how powerful and significant I am?

Lord, am I willing to hunger and thirst for righteousness?  My first priority being to seek Your Kingdom?  Am I willing to let go of my desires of the flesh?

Lord, am I willing to be merciful, therefore imitating You?  Forgiving those who have injured me, being patient and understanding bearing with the faults of another, doing works of charity and having compassion?  Am I willing to let go of a hard- heart and indifference to it all?

Lord, am I willing to be pure in heart, acting with integrity and to serve You unselfishly?  Am I willing to let go of my immoral principles and selfishness?

Lord, am I willing to be a peacemaker, sowing peace into the world, to live at peace with others, sharing the Gospels so others can reconcile themselves to God?  Am I willing to let go of being an agitator, and living my life with others in upheaval and arguing?

Lord, am I willing to be persecuted for righteousness sake?  Am I willing to let go of persecuting others, in order to defend myself?

Lord, am I willing to rejoice when I am persecuted?  Am I willing to let go of the hurt and sorrow it brings into my life, knowing my reward will be great in heaven?

Lord, am I willing……


Lord, I know one of the greatest obstacles I have in life, is detaching myself from me, my emotions, and thoughts.  It is almost at times, as if my wants and desires become my own god to worship. I ask for Your forgiveness for those moments and times. 

Help me Jesus, “To get me out of me, so you can do with me what You will,” so a “pearl of great value,” will one day be mine.

God Bless, SR

Jesus said, “Again the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all he had and bought it.”
Taken from today’s readings:
Matthew 13
Quote taken from:
St. Faustina’s Diary
James Tissot  “The Hammock”



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No, I’m Not A Priest 

I reblogged this post, as I think we all need to read it. What this Minister did, really spoke to my heart. His humility and recognizing his own limitations and how he did it will forever stay in my heart. I think it will stay in yours also. God bless, SR


I have a friend who is a Presbyterian minister. He’s the pastor of a large congregation and he’s always busy. Recently he travelled out of town for a ministry conference. The summer weather caused a flight delay and he spent several hours waiting at the airport. He was about to doze off when a gate agent roused him and said there was an emergency in another part of the concourse and they needed him to help out with it right away. Naturally he followed the agent and several several gates down the corridor, he saw a middle-aged man laying on the floor. A woman keeling over him looked up tearfully when my friend appeared and she pleaded, “Oh Father. Please help him.”

It’s not unusual for some protestant ministers to wear the Roman collar most often associated with Catholic priests. This is true for my friend, who has worn one…

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Lord, Do I Give Others the Fruit of My Sin?

Lord, as I do an examination of my conscience at night, do I find in myself sin and having caused someone else to sin?

Have I lead someone into a conversation of gossip?

Have I set examples to others because of my indifference to their needs and sufferings?

Have I worshiped the idol’s of my own desires in front of others, that I taught them selfishness is okay?

Have I paid back evil for evil to others, making them think, that is how we are supposed to live our lives with one another?

Have I failed to be patient with someone, teaching them when we are busy, we are busy.  The needs of ourselves should always come first?

Have I practiced anger and agitation towards others?  Showing them the love and kindness You taught us, is not what they should be giving?

Am I at times the devil in the Garden of Eden, tempting someone to eat of the fruit of my own sins?

My Prayer:

“Lord, in everything I think, say, and do throughout my day, let me always remember You are there with me.  Bring to me conviction within my soul, when I have sinned or lead others into it.  Help me to always remember I do not only endanger my own soul, but can endanger the soul’s of others as well, by my words and actions.”

“The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will collect out of his kingdom all who cause others to sin and all evildoers.”

God Bless, SR

Taken from todays readings:
Matthew 13:24-43





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Our Misery is “Exclusively Ours”

One thing I would like to address in this post is, misery.  As I scan the blog sphere, it seems as if there are so many Christians in “misery” in some form or fashion. 

Be it an illness, depression, a disorder of some sort, financial, family struggles, etc… (I am not excluding myself from these things, as I have suffered great misery for about a year.)  Anyways, I had to ask myself the question:

“Why are so many Christians suffering from so much misery in our lives, today?”

Then I remembered something Jesus told St. Faustina, (my patron saint) as she was offering him her “body, soul, intellect, will and all the sentiments of her heart.”

Jesus told her:

“You have not offered me that which is really yours.” 

St. Faustina said:

“I probed deeply into myself and found that I love God with all the faculties of my soul, and unable to see what I had not yet given to the Lord, I asked, “Jesus tell me what it is, and I will give it to you at once with a generous heart.”  #1318

Jesus said:

“Daughter give me your misery, because it is your exclusive property.”

St. Faustina begin to as she stated, “nestle close to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus.”  “Trusting in His mercy even if she had the sins of the damned weighing on her conscience.”

My notes:

St. Faustina trusted Jesus with everything.  She is my patron saint and I always say, “She chose me, I did not choose her.”  I am extremely grateful to her for many things.

There is something in this conversation she had with Jesus that always stood out to me:

“Jesus did not take her misery, she had to give it to Him.”

As I look at the picture on this post which is:

“The Grotto of the Agony”


James Tissot

Christ was in so much misery.  Misery you and I will never be able to comprehend.  The beauty of that is:

Jesus understands the suffering of our misery.  Go back and really think about that picture.  It is misery all over the place, even though the angels are all around Him.

They are around us in our misery.


When Jesus was in the Agony of the Garden, “the angel comforted Him.”  It is different for us.

When we are in the “agony of our garden,”Jesus wants our miserable agony.  He is not going take it, but is “offering to, if we will only give it to Him.”

At times we get our own selves into these situations and sometimes life just brings them to us.  It is not how misery enters into our life, it is what we do with it, when it does.

We can either stress ourselves to death, because as Jesus told St. Faustina:

“Our misery is “exclusively ours.” 


We can entrust it to, Christ.

Holding on to our misery at times, I think becomes a habit.  In fact, I think at times we wonder, “How will I live without it?” 

Our misery, actually becomes a part of us, and at times we are afraid to live without it.  We let it define who we actually, believe ourselves to be.

Jesus knows this, and He also knows “this is not who we are” nor were we “created to be such.”

Our choice is to give it to Him, or hang on to it.  If we hang on to it, there will never be peace in our lives.


Lord, I stretch out my hand’s to You, and out of them flows all of my misery, to You.

God Bless, SR

Excerpts taken from:
Divine Mercy in My Soul
Diary of Saint Maria Faustina




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Bringing the Cross Forward into My Life Today

All of my life I spent going backwards 2000 years to the Cross.  If I wanted the mercy of the Cross, to stand there with the Blessed Mother, if I wanted to pray underneath the Cross and look up at Jesus, I went back to the Day of the Crucifixion. 

A time to which I was not even born.  A time to which I did not live in.  A time to which I truly have no concept of, other than what I read.

Then something happened.  I read a book and in this book the statement was made:

“Unlike us, God is not limited by time and space.  He sees everything past present and future, all at once.  For God, everything is always present; God lives in the eternal now.”

Another statement made by the author was:

“Each moment you spend in Eucharistic Adoration, all that Christ won for you 2000 years ago on the cross at Calvary is applied to you now in your present moment and present place.  What He did then, affects you now.”

My notes:

  I realized I do not have to go back 2000 years to the Cross.  I do not have to go back 2000 years to receive what Jesus did for me on the Cross.  I do not have to go back there, to have a conversation with Him.

The Cross and all of its mercies and graces, are brought forth in the world I live in today. 

It is timeless and it is infinite.  The Cross and all Jesus did for us, knows no end and has no boundaries.  Especially the boundaries of time and space. 

God does not have these boundaries either.  Therefore, they all meet us in each moment of our lives, daily.

Everything about the Cross can be applied in our lives today, if we are willing to bring it forward.

Jesus does not ever expect us to go backwards, but to bring Him and His many gifts to ourselves.

So today when I pray:

I close my eyes and go into my soul.  There I see Him on the Cross, withering in pain and suffering.  A crown of thorns upon His head, and Blood flowing from every wound in His body.

I begin to speak to Him, “Jesus, You are here with me today.  To comfort and console me.  May each drop of your Blood fall on my face, so I will know the suffering You endured for me.  So that all of my sins, may be covered by such a sweet fragrance of love.”

Then I open my eyes to the world, the time and space that I live in.  It is offering to me many challenges.  Some may be heartache, suffering, or a tear or two shed. 

Then again, I may have no heartache, suffering, or any tear to shed.  I may have complete joy.

I only know this:

Jesus is so willing to come forward, into my space and time.  My world.  He truly is the only One who can. 

Him, His Cross and His love for us will keep coming forward,  for generations to come. 

 Time and space can never bound Him and His love.  Never will it bind what the Cross did for us.

We can either live like it does, or trust at any given moment we can bring the Cross and Jesus into our lives.  Embracing all they have to offer us, today!

God Bless, SR

Excerpts taken from:

“7 Secrets of Confession”

Written by:

Vinny Flynn

A must read!




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Jesus, What Fruit do You Find in Me?

Jesus, when you come to see what kind of fruit I am bearing do You find:

I have heard the word of the kingdom and have not been wise with it?  Only to find the Evil One has snatched away what You have sown in my heart, because I treated it so carelessly?

Do you find what You have sown within me, though I received it with joy, falling on rocky ground?  As soon as tribulation or persecution arose in my life, on the account of Your Word, do You find I immediately fell away?  Do you find this, because there is no root in me?

Do you find what You have sown in me choked by the thorns of this world?  All the cares and distractions which seem so important to me?

I pray Jesus,

“May my soil always be good Lord, which You so desire it to be.  So my tree is not empty, of the Fruit of You.  May I take this “Fruit of Love” which You gave to us all, and give to others a hundredfold?”

Jesus said,  “As for what was sown on good soil, this is he who hears the word and understands it; he indeed bears fruit, and yields, in one case a hundredfold, in another sixty, and in another thirty.”

God Bless, SR

Taken from today’s Readings:
Matthew 13:1-23



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How I Overcame the Attack’s of Satan (Last Post)

Why was I not getting an answer to my prayers?  I am going to go right into it.

God took me to Daniel Chapter 10:1-14.  Daniel had a vision. An angel was sent to Daniel. (Please go read the whole Chapter)  Part’s of what the angel stated are:

“Stand on your feet, for I have now been sent to you.  Do not fear, humble yourself before God, your words have been heard, and I have come because of your words.  But….. the prince of the kingdom of Persia opposed me,  for twenty-one days.  So Michael, one of the chief princes came to help me, and I left him there with the prince of the kingdom of Persia, and have come to help you understand what is to happen to your people at the end of the days.”

When I read this, it was OVER, as far as I was concerned.  I understood what happens when we pray and why our answer is not immediate, sometimes. 

My notes:

The minute we pray our words are heard.  An angel is dispensed to carry out the answer for God.  Either between heaven and earth, or when they hit earth, the angels meet the powers of darkness. 

Satan and his cohorts are the opposition to the answer of our prayers.  The angels absolutely have to stay there and battle with the demons from hell to get to us.  It could be they are already in another battle, and cannot leave.

It took twenty-one days for this angel to get to Daniel.  St. Michael the archangel had to come help him, so he could leave.  St. Michael was still back there battling it out!  The battle was still not over.

When I read this for me, it absolutely closed the gates of hell in my life.

I understood from the moment I pray, help is on the way.  I understood from the moment the answer is dispensed, demons rise against the answer, and they rise against those who are coming to bring that answer.  A battle begins to take place.  It will either be a long battle or a short one.

This is one of the reason’s at times our help is quick, and this is one of the reason’s at times, it is not. 

So what did I do:

I stopped begging God for an answer and started praising and thanking Him, that the answer was either here or on its way.  I would shut my eyes, go into my soul and see that angel coming, with the answer.  I do it to this day!!!

I say my prayers, get off of my knees, and begin an offering of thanksgiving to God.  I do not go into this begging and pleading with God anymore.  If the answer is “yes,” or if it is “no” it does not matter.  What matters is, my faith is so great now, that I am going to get an answer.  I understand the reason at times, for the delay of that answer.

The devil opposes us, our prayers and the answer to those prayers.  Most of all he opposes God and everything God does.  We cannot forget at one time, Satan, was an angel himself.  He knows what angels are capable of.  We must never think he is not standing there ready to do battle with them, to try and prevent the will of God from happening.  Though he cannot.

I cannot call what has happened to me a journey.  It was pure evil.  Until evil truly attacks your life, you have no idea what you are up against.  I was lost on how to handle it. 

God is not going to take care of all evil for us.  He expects us to cooperate with His grace to overcome it.  If we let Him, He will give to us everything we need to do so.

The End.

God Bless, SR

Dedicated to:

Dan and Heather 


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How I Overcame the Attack’s of Satan (Part 4)

Yesterday I wrote about “running towards the lion’s roar.”  You know, when something or someone is “roaring” at us, it takes a lot of courage and strength to “run towards it.”  Especially, when what is behind that roar is gnashing it’s teeth at you and can devour you, as well.  God did not give us a “spirit of fear,” did He?  We need to remember that.

So today I am going to write about how God brought to me a “spirit of courage and strength.”  He did it, by his servant Joshua.  Joshua 1-9

Moses had died.  Now it was Joshua’s turn to take the Israelites across the Jordan “to the land God was giving them.”  It was not all a smooth trip for Joshua and those accompanying him.  When the Lord came to Joshua, these are some of the things God spoke regarding courage and strength:

“No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life.  Be strong and very courageous, being careful to act in accordance with all the law that my servant Moses commanded you; do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, so that you are successful wherever you go.  This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth; you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to act in accordance with all that is written in it.  I hereby command you; “Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened nor dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” 

Actually throughout those verses God told Joshua three times to “be strong and courageous.”  One time He said, “Be very courageous.”  He also told Joshua, “not to let the written word’s of Moses depart from him and to meditate on it day and night.”  One other thing Joshua had to do, was “act in accordance” with those written words.  Live them. Believe them.  Obey them.

So what did this mean for me?

My Notes:

There really was no more messing around for me.  The Word of God had to soak in every fiber of my being.  It had to be studied and thought about.

Most of all, I had to believe everything spoken and written in the Bible, one being,

“God would never go back on His Word or break a promise to me.  He would never leave me an orphan, and would always guide the footsteps in my path, if I would just let Him.”

I begin to study how those are repaid when they “gnash their teeth” at His children, if they do not repent.  I begin to pray for justice for myself and vindication, which really meant, “I just wanted God to make everything right.”  I did not want vengeance upon them. 

Whatever God showed me in His Word, I hung onto for dear life.  I believed it and somehow begin to live it.  I begin to speak it, when necessary. 

I became strong and had courage, in God’s Word.  Then one day, I became very strong and very courageous, in God’s Word, using only the weapons He told me to us.  One of His promises is:

“No weapon formed against me shall prosper, as this is my inheritance from the Lord.”

God is always with us, just as He was with Moses and Joshua.  Again this is a grace He expects us to believe and cooperate with. 

As I began to place every spoken Word of God into my life, never letting it depart from me, everything else had to leave.  Leave it did!

I have so much faith, trust, strength, and courage in all God ever promised to me. 

My vindication:

All I was being accused of doing or saying, was actually being done by my accusers.  All of it came to light.

God was my justice and made everything right.  I took no action in any shape or form, having the strength and courage to forgive.

My next post will be the end of these post.  It will be about what happens on the earth and in heaven when God begins to answer our prayers.

God Bless, SR

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How I Overcame the Attack’s of Satan (Part 3)

Yesterday I wrote about the “time to stay silent.”  Then came the time to “speak”  against all the lies being laid upon me.  “Speak what Lord, I have no clue?”  This is when God really showed up.

Now people, by this time I am begging for mercy!!!!  There is not an ounce of strength in me anymore.  Instead of it all just stopping, God showed me I had to cooperate with His grace.  God gives us grace for sure, but He expects us to get in there and work with it.  The Holy Spirit will show us how, if we let go of us and grab on to Him.

The first place God took me was to Daniel and David.  How God Himself had taken care of their lions, but both of them had to run towards the roar.  I am here to say I had, enough of the roar!!!!  God showed me how, to run towards it.

It was time to speak and He was going to give to me what to speak.

He took me to Psalms 141:4-5, He reminded me of what St. Francis of Assisi’s would say, and He gave me a part of a song.

One day I was being attacked and screamed at, with all the strength of the Lord within me I yelled to the top of my voice:

“I will not eat of the delicacies of your lies anymore!!!  The oil of your lies will not anoint my head one more time!!!!!”  “In the Name of Jesus!”  (Psalms 141-4-5)

Then when I calmed down I said,

“Thank you for making me feel like Jesus.”  (St. Francis of Assisi’s)

My note:

You talk about people looking like I had just lost my mind, they did!  Those word’s silenced that roar and it has never come back.  God took care of that “lion” for me.

I begin to sing:

“All is well with my soul.”

We cannot be afraid of the “lions” and their “roars” in this life.  To defeat them we, again, must cooperate with the grace of God. 

I wanted the mercy of deliverance from this.  God wanted ME to get up!  He wanted to show me, how to be delivered.  Then He wanted me to do it!!!  If you have not read part’s one and two, go back and read them as to how I got to this point. 

Because now:

I defeat the “devil by the word of my testimony,” and “all is well with my soul.”

We cannot walk around with an “ill soul.”  Satan is the one who makes it sick.  He does it with things which we think we cannot overcome, and this throws us into despair. 

Please always remember, “There is a time to speak and a time to stay silent.”

My next two post are going to be about strength, courage, and what happens in the heavens and on earth when God begins to answer our prayers, and teach us how to live.

God Bless and Peace, SR


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How I Overcame the Attacks of the Devil (Part 2)

Oh, that wicked tongue!!!!  How it will murder a soul!!!  Satan had set up camp in my life.  Friends, family, it did not matter.  There were unbelievable statements being said to me.  Accusations which were pure lies!  I actually would stand there dumb-founded.  I felt so hated.  So unloved. 

When these feelings approached me, I knew the devil was after my soul.    This became my prayer to God:  (Thank you David)

“I am completely worn out, I am exhausted by sorrow and weeping has shortened my life.  I am weak from all my troubles, even my bones are wasting away.  My eyes are tired from so much crying.”

“Be merciful to me Lord, for I am in trouble.”

I do mean I was in trouble!!!!  My health begin to fail, blood pressure sky rocketed.  My diabetes was so uncontrollable.  I had absolutely no energy.  I could stay up in the morning, but by 2:00 p.m. I was done for. 

After months of this, God came to my rescue.  These are the tools God gave to me:

A study on the tongue in His Word.  The Garden of Eden.  The seasons/times in life.

My notes:

All through the Bible the tongue is the most wicked thing there is.  It is a weapon Satan will use against us at every moment.  I urge all of you to please do a study on the “tongue,” and see how God handles a “tongue” that wants to kill, steal, and destroy.  I also urge you to do this, as to bring control over our own “tongues.”  

We have to remember the “tongue” of the Pharisees, nailed Jesus to the Cross.

So I knew what weapon I was fighting, but how???

That is when God took me to the Garden of Eden:

When Adam and Eve sinned they knew they were naked and trying to hide from God.  God asked them a question:

“Who told you, you were naked?”

Adam and Eve knew they were “naked,” because the devil let them know they were.  They felt ashamed and were afraid, just like I was.  They wanted to hide from God in their despair and feeling of unworthiness.  The devil had placed “shame on them.”  He was placing shame on me.

God did something:

He killed an animal and made skins to cover Adam and Eve.  The first blood shed for sin. 

I knew at this point the devil was telling me, “You are naked.”  “You are worthless.”  “You are shameful.”

God was telling me:

I have you covered.

The Seasons of life:

Again God took me through His Word.  The seasons and times of life.  And there it was:

“A time to speak and a time to stay silent.”

See I wanted to defend myself, which only gained me more heartache and sorrow.  No matter how much I tried to defend there was no winning.  

But when I hushed:

God came to my defense and it stopped.  See one cannot come against a blank wall, that does not speak back.  A wall which turns and walks away.  A wall which does not give “insult for insult.”  Remind you of Someone? 

Maybe, Jesus?

The best weapon the devil has for killing a soul, is our tongues.  When we walk away from it, though hurt and humiliate it does, we will never be more Christ-like.

The stress goes away.  My health improved.  Blood pressure and sugar are now normal.  I have peace.  It has stopped, as it had no choice, but to stop.  I was not going to feed it anymore by trying to defend myself.

That is what God is for! 

Do not ever let the devil lie to you and tell you, “You are naked.”  We are not.

We are clothed by the Blood of Christ.

The “last” Blood, shed for sin.

God Bless, SR


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How I Overcame the Attacks of the Devil (Part 1)

Most of us all have to deal with the attack’s of Satan, in some form or fashion.  Be they come from someone, something, illness, finances, etc….  We all endure them. 

Some attacks last for a short time.  At times, it seems as if they are never going to stop. 

Several of my post are going to be about how I survived mine, which have been going on for almost a year now.  I have learned a lot.  I have walked  through them all, with God.  I will be explaining everything God taught me, in the hope that I will help others.  Others being, you!

Please always remember you are never alone, though at times it seems like there is nothing or anyone with you.  I am here to testify there is.  His name is, God.

All what has happened is really not the point.  I will say it did involve betrayal, being made to feel so low I would have to stand on my tip toes to lick a snake’s belly, lies, deceit, financial burden, illness, and feeling so unloved, I thought I would die.  I have shut myself off from the world for months.  I never let go of God and He never let go of me.

Today I have strength, hope and a faith in God which I thought was impossible to obtain.  This is the beginning of my story, of how I got to this place.

First…. I had to realize Satan had invaded my life.  I do not know how he got in.  I do not know where it all came from.  All I know he was going to try and destroy me anyway that he could.  I was in a battle for my life, health, and sanity.  It was a battle I was going to learn how to fight.  My teacher was going to be God, through the Holy Spirit, and the understanding of God’s Word.

First I had to get rid of the thoughts which were invading my mind.  Thoughts which attacked me day and night.  Thoughts which brought so much anger and pain.  This is how I did it.

God took me to Joshua 1:8:

“This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth; you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to act in accordance with all that is written in it.”


My notes:

I knew God was telling me I had to “read the Bible more.”  Not only that, “I could not let it depart from me and I had to meditate on it day and night.”

I went and bought me index cards and something to hold them on my refrigerator.  When I read the Bible I would ask the Holy Spirit to show me what He was wanting me to see.  Then, I wrote the Scripture verse/verses on the index card and hung them on the refrigerator. 

I read them over, over, and over until they actually became part of not only my life, but who I am, and who I was going to become.  I only hung one card up at a time until it sunk into every inch of my being.  Then I would go to the next one.

Eventually I begin to speak, know, and live them. I meditated “day and night.”   My faith did nothing but grow in God’s Word. 

I could actually begin to see how God’s Word, was being fulfilled in my life.

 The first step is reading and believing His word.  Meditate on it, “day and night.”

Walk in faith on what He is telling you.  “Act in accordance with it.”

“Being careful to do so.”

  God will not go back on a promise He made to any of us. 

God Bless, SR   

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