How I Overcame the Attacks of the Devil (Part 2)

Oh, that wicked tongue!!!!  How it will murder a soul!!!  Satan had set up camp in my life.  Friends, family, it did not matter.  There were unbelievable statements being said to me.  Accusations which were pure lies!  I actually would stand there dumb-founded.  I felt so hated.  So unloved. 

When these feelings approached me, I knew the devil was after my soul.    This became my prayer to God:  (Thank you David)

“I am completely worn out, I am exhausted by sorrow and weeping has shortened my life.  I am weak from all my troubles, even my bones are wasting away.  My eyes are tired from so much crying.”

“Be merciful to me Lord, for I am in trouble.”

I do mean I was in trouble!!!!  My health begin to fail, blood pressure sky rocketed.  My diabetes was so uncontrollable.  I had absolutely no energy.  I could stay up in the morning, but by 2:00 p.m. I was done for. 

After months of this, God came to my rescue.  These are the tools God gave to me:

A study on the tongue in His Word.  The Garden of Eden.  The seasons/times in life.

My notes:

All through the Bible the tongue is the most wicked thing there is.  It is a weapon Satan will use against us at every moment.  I urge all of you to please do a study on the “tongue,” and see how God handles a “tongue” that wants to kill, steal, and destroy.  I also urge you to do this, as to bring control over our own “tongues.”  

We have to remember the “tongue” of the Pharisees, nailed Jesus to the Cross.

So I knew what weapon I was fighting, but how???

That is when God took me to the Garden of Eden:

When Adam and Eve sinned they knew they were naked and trying to hide from God.  God asked them a question:

“Who told you, you were naked?”

Adam and Eve knew they were “naked,” because the devil let them know they were.  They felt ashamed and were afraid, just like I was.  They wanted to hide from God in their despair and feeling of unworthiness.  The devil had placed “shame on them.”  He was placing shame on me.

God did something:

He killed an animal and made skins to cover Adam and Eve.  The first blood shed for sin. 

I knew at this point the devil was telling me, “You are naked.”  “You are worthless.”  “You are shameful.”

God was telling me:

I have you covered.

The Seasons of life:

Again God took me through His Word.  The seasons and times of life.  And there it was:

“A time to speak and a time to stay silent.”

See I wanted to defend myself, which only gained me more heartache and sorrow.  No matter how much I tried to defend there was no winning.  

But when I hushed:

God came to my defense and it stopped.  See one cannot come against a blank wall, that does not speak back.  A wall which turns and walks away.  A wall which does not give “insult for insult.”  Remind you of Someone? 

Maybe, Jesus?

The best weapon the devil has for killing a soul, is our tongues.  When we walk away from it, though hurt and humiliate it does, we will never be more Christ-like.

The stress goes away.  My health improved.  Blood pressure and sugar are now normal.  I have peace.  It has stopped, as it had no choice, but to stop.  I was not going to feed it anymore by trying to defend myself.

That is what God is for! 

Do not ever let the devil lie to you and tell you, “You are naked.”  We are not.

We are clothed by the Blood of Christ.

The “last” Blood, shed for sin.

God Bless, SR


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I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy nature, animals, drawing, quiet time, and praying. I also love to read the Bible, books about the lives of the Saints, and the history of the Catholic Church. You are welcome here. God Bless, SR

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