How I Overcame the Attack’s of Satan (Part 3)

Yesterday I wrote about the “time to stay silent.”  Then came the time to “speak”  against all the lies being laid upon me.  “Speak what Lord, I have no clue?”  This is when God really showed up.

Now people, by this time I am begging for mercy!!!!  There is not an ounce of strength in me anymore.  Instead of it all just stopping, God showed me I had to cooperate with His grace.  God gives us grace for sure, but He expects us to get in there and work with it.  The Holy Spirit will show us how, if we let go of us and grab on to Him.

The first place God took me was to Daniel and David.  How God Himself had taken care of their lions, but both of them had to run towards the roar.  I am here to say I had, enough of the roar!!!!  God showed me how, to run towards it.

It was time to speak and He was going to give to me what to speak.

He took me to Psalms 141:4-5, He reminded me of what St. Francis of Assisi’s would say, and He gave me a part of a song.

One day I was being attacked and screamed at, with all the strength of the Lord within me I yelled to the top of my voice:

“I will not eat of the delicacies of your lies anymore!!!  The oil of your lies will not anoint my head one more time!!!!!”  “In the Name of Jesus!”  (Psalms 141-4-5)

Then when I calmed down I said,

“Thank you for making me feel like Jesus.”  (St. Francis of Assisi’s)

My note:

You talk about people looking like I had just lost my mind, they did!  Those word’s silenced that roar and it has never come back.  God took care of that “lion” for me.

I begin to sing:

“All is well with my soul.”

We cannot be afraid of the “lions” and their “roars” in this life.  To defeat them we, again, must cooperate with the grace of God. 

I wanted the mercy of deliverance from this.  God wanted ME to get up!  He wanted to show me, how to be delivered.  Then He wanted me to do it!!!  If you have not read part’s one and two, go back and read them as to how I got to this point. 

Because now:

I defeat the “devil by the word of my testimony,” and “all is well with my soul.”

We cannot walk around with an “ill soul.”  Satan is the one who makes it sick.  He does it with things which we think we cannot overcome, and this throws us into despair. 

Please always remember, “There is a time to speak and a time to stay silent.”

My next two post are going to be about strength, courage, and what happens in the heavens and on earth when God begins to answer our prayers, and teach us how to live.

God Bless and Peace, SR


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I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy nature, animals, drawing, quiet time, and praying. I also love to read the Bible, books about the lives of the Saints, and the history of the Catholic Church. You are welcome here. God Bless, SR

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