How I Overcame the Attack’s of Satan (Last Post)

Why was I not getting an answer to my prayers?  I am going to go right into it.

God took me to Daniel Chapter 10:1-14.  Daniel had a vision. An angel was sent to Daniel. (Please go read the whole Chapter)  Part’s of what the angel stated are:

“Stand on your feet, for I have now been sent to you.  Do not fear, humble yourself before God, your words have been heard, and I have come because of your words.  But….. the prince of the kingdom of Persia opposed me,  for twenty-one days.  So Michael, one of the chief princes came to help me, and I left him there with the prince of the kingdom of Persia, and have come to help you understand what is to happen to your people at the end of the days.”

When I read this, it was OVER, as far as I was concerned.  I understood what happens when we pray and why our answer is not immediate, sometimes. 

My notes:

The minute we pray our words are heard.  An angel is dispensed to carry out the answer for God.  Either between heaven and earth, or when they hit earth, the angels meet the powers of darkness. 

Satan and his cohorts are the opposition to the answer of our prayers.  The angels absolutely have to stay there and battle with the demons from hell to get to us.  It could be they are already in another battle, and cannot leave.

It took twenty-one days for this angel to get to Daniel.  St. Michael the archangel had to come help him, so he could leave.  St. Michael was still back there battling it out!  The battle was still not over.

When I read this for me, it absolutely closed the gates of hell in my life.

I understood from the moment I pray, help is on the way.  I understood from the moment the answer is dispensed, demons rise against the answer, and they rise against those who are coming to bring that answer.  A battle begins to take place.  It will either be a long battle or a short one.

This is one of the reason’s at times our help is quick, and this is one of the reason’s at times, it is not. 

So what did I do:

I stopped begging God for an answer and started praising and thanking Him, that the answer was either here or on its way.  I would shut my eyes, go into my soul and see that angel coming, with the answer.  I do it to this day!!!

I say my prayers, get off of my knees, and begin an offering of thanksgiving to God.  I do not go into this begging and pleading with God anymore.  If the answer is “yes,” or if it is “no” it does not matter.  What matters is, my faith is so great now, that I am going to get an answer.  I understand the reason at times, for the delay of that answer.

The devil opposes us, our prayers and the answer to those prayers.  Most of all he opposes God and everything God does.  We cannot forget at one time, Satan, was an angel himself.  He knows what angels are capable of.  We must never think he is not standing there ready to do battle with them, to try and prevent the will of God from happening.  Though he cannot.

I cannot call what has happened to me a journey.  It was pure evil.  Until evil truly attacks your life, you have no idea what you are up against.  I was lost on how to handle it. 

God is not going to take care of all evil for us.  He expects us to cooperate with His grace to overcome it.  If we let Him, He will give to us everything we need to do so.

The End.

God Bless, SR

Dedicated to:

Dan and Heather 


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2 Responses to How I Overcame the Attack’s of Satan (Last Post)

  1. jorichurch says:

    Wow, SR. This was an absolutely amazing series of blog posts about your journey fighting Satan. So well done. Thank you for sharing. You and I seem to be learning the same things. And of course we are – it’s all there in the Bible. There are many parallels in our personal stories, I think. And we can see those same parallels in many of the lives of the saints.

    The saints have so much to teach us, but people in our culture are very angry at the Catholic Church, mostly because of the sex scandal that has rocked the church. Pope Leo XIII was the one who wrote the St. Michael prayer, and it was this Pope who had a vision in the 1880’s of how Satan was going to be allowed to strike the Church in the 20th century with the hope that by bringing down the shepherd, he could bring down the flock.

    Honestly, I think that is exactly what has happened. Working throughout the 20th century, the sex scandal was happening, and we didn’t even know it. Now, it is all coming to light, and people have lost faith in the Church. They have wandered away and don’t even know that the saints already know how to win the battle we are currently fighting. Our culture has been led so far astray that we don’t even recognize that we are being attacked! And that is why the attack has been so successful and on so many fronts.

    That is why I think blog posts like this one are so crucial. We all need to speak up loudly and often about the reality of Satanic attack. My goal is to do the same in my blog. And I am hoping to write a novel about Satanic attack. Right now, I’m being attacked pretty viciously, so I’m making notes between blows.

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    • SR says:

      Hey Jori,

      I do so pray and hope they helped you. Yes, many are straying from the Church, for one reason or the other. The sex scandal did have a lot to do with it. We all hate that Jori, but I cannot leave Jesus in The Eucharist because of it. That is where He dwells on earth with us, and for me to do that would absolutely be blaspheming Him and I cannot do that either!!!!

      Satan would love nothing better than to see the Church destroyed. He could not destroy Christ on the Cross so the next best thing, is His Church. Of course Jesus said, “That would never happen.” Then of course the next best thing to try and destroy are “those of us who go to His Church.”

      I never talked to Satan during this Jori. I always went to God and I went to God for the wisdom and knowledge on how to handle it. I asked for the help of the Holy Spirit for that wisdom and knowledge. I did not want comfort, I wanted it over and done with!!!!

      The Saints did suffer so much, Jori. Most of them had attacks coming and going in all directions. We do have their examples on how to handle such things. I have to admit during mine I had to go to God. I had absolutely no choice, as I felt it was either life or death for me at that point.

      I will be awaiting your book. I made notes also, and have now outlined my book. Peace and the love of God be with you, Jori. If you ever need to talk all you have to do is come to my blog. I will listen and help you as much as I can. Remember, we are never defeated as long as we trust in God and His love for us. God Bless, SR

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I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy nature, animals, drawing, quiet time, and praying. I also love to read the Bible, books about the lives of the Saints, and the history of the Catholic Church. You are welcome here. God Bless, SR

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