Greatest Example for All Women and Men

As I scan the blog sphere I am amazed at times what “Catholic Feminist,” or any “feminist” for that matter have to say. 

They think of themselves as:

Strong women, making changes in the Church.  Some think women need to be Priest and perhaps even the Pope. 

In many of my readings what amazes me, is the esteem they hold for themselves.  It is also like the rest of us who do not agree with all of their “agenda’s, are somehow less strong.  We have less of a voice, and somehow they think we need them to speak and think for us. 

How I disagree!  I have never in my whole life needed anyone to “think” and “speak” for me.  My parent’s did very well teaching me how to do that, thank you.

Anyways, it got me to thinking about our Blessed Mother.  The most humble of “ALL” women, whose only “agenda” was doing the “will of God.”  God’s will for her life was giving birth to His Son, and then watching Him suffer and die, for us all.

She did this without complaint or thinking of herself superior to others.  We see her going to help Elizabeth, when she was pregnant.  We also see her standing at the Foot of the Cross,  shedding “tears of blood.”  I am also sure this was because, as she watched her Son suffer, her heart was being drained of everything. 

I do not believe for one second, in these moments of her life,  her “agenda,” was to get out here and say, “I am woman, hear me roar!” 

At that moment in history, she went to the Jewish Temple.  We do not see her trying to change one thing about what went on in the Temple.  We do not see her saying, “I am the Mother of God’s Son, so step aside and roll out the red carpet for me.”  “I am going to become your high priest, and we are going to do things “my” way.”

We do not see her at the Foot of the Cross saying, “See how strong I am.  I am standing here watching my Son die.  All you women need to be just like me!” 

In fact, very little is recorded regarding what Mary said.

So what does all of this mean to me:

It is in the silence of the Blessed Mother, where she proved her strength.  It is in the silence of the Blessed Mother, that all of us, men and women alike, have one of the best examples in the world to follow.

It is in her obedience and humility to and before God, that she shines above us all. 

It is in her unselfishness on the “Day of the Cross,” not to call Jesus back to herself, that we see her shining like a jewel.

It is when her soul, “magnified God,” even when she knew if no one believed her, she would be “stoned to death,” that we see this woman was about to have a hand in changing the world forever.

She did it with humility, grace, silence, dignity, obedience and love.

Do I care about all of this, “feminism” in our society today?

Not one bit!

Until I find someone who can be an example to me, as great as our Blessed Mother, I never will.

God Bless, SR





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11 Responses to Greatest Example for All Women and Men

  1. blmaluso says:

    Very well said, and touched my heart, as usual:-) Love and blessings, Bernadette

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    • SR says:

      I just got to thinking about all of this stuff going on with so many women and young girls in our society today, and somehow my thoughts drifted back to our Mother. I think it might have been because somewhere on a blog someone called her a “feminist.” I could not for the life of me connect her with that, to what she truly was/is. I mean Mary had no agenda or purpose other than to fulfill the will of God, in her life. To me she deserved better than to being called a “feminist.”

      I am glad you liked it and I hope we both remember her as she truly was, and what purpose she serves in our lives today, because of it. Love you loads and God Bless, SR

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  2. Sarah says:

    Well said, I couldn’t agree more. ❤

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    • SR says:

      Hey Sarah,

      Thank you and I am glad you “agree.” I often think about what a wonderful Mother our Lord actually had. We would all do well to imitate her daily in our lives. Have a great weekend and God Bless, SR


      • Sarah says:

        I have consecrated myself to Jesus through Mary because I know that she is the most perfect example and patron that we could have. My life has changed so much since I placed myself in her service and under her mantle.
        I hope you have a great weekend too. God bless you.

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      • SR says:

        Hey Sarah,

        I did this a few years back. Placing myself “under her mantle” gave to me more faith, peace, and seemed to give me more love in my life. I think that love actually came from her. I know at times I do not give to her the time and respect that I need to, as my Spiritual Mother. When I do not, I will always hear the most loving voice calling me to her. You have a great weekend too. God Bless, SR


      • Sarah says:

        Yes, more faith, peace and love. Isn’t it beautiful to be under Our Lady’s care? I wish everyone knew, but I guess that’s why we have the whole communion of saints watching over us because each person has their own needs and duties.

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      • SR says:

        You know Sarah, though I love all the Saints and call upon many of them daily, there is something so special about “Our Lady’s Care.” I do not know, I just get a different feeling when I go to her. Do you? Love and God Bless, SR

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      • Sarah says:

        I’m a little new to the truly spiritual life so I’m not able to properly discern things like that yet. But yes, I know enough to agree that there is something special about Our Lady’s care. Love to you too, God bless, Sarah

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  3. I love this! Beautifully said.

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    • SR says:

      Hey EBD,

      Thank you. For some reason all of this just hit me. Maybe it is her trying to tell all women to get back to our basics. To live as a “woman of God” instead of trying to live as a woman of, “I want everything my way.”

      We can never imagine as a Mother, how much she suffered. I always think about her not so much when everything was going on, but when they took Jesus down from the Cross and she went home. All the yelling, screaming, and torture had ended. There she laid in the silence. You know she did not have a sleeping pill to take or the like. I often wonder how she survived the aftermath of it??? I wonder how long it took for her to stop seeing and hearing everything, every single time she shut her eyes. You have a great weekend and I sure enjoy your post. God Bless, SR

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I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy nature, animals, drawing, quiet time, and praying. I also love to read the Bible, books about the lives of the Saints, and the history of the Catholic Church. You are welcome here. God Bless, SR

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