Lord, Do I Give Others the Fruit of My Sin?

Lord, as I do an examination of my conscience at night, do I find in myself sin and having caused someone else to sin?

Have I lead someone into a conversation of gossip?

Have I set examples to others because of my indifference to their needs and sufferings?

Have I worshiped the idol’s of my own desires in front of others, that I taught them selfishness is okay?

Have I paid back evil for evil to others, making them think, that is how we are supposed to live our lives with one another?

Have I failed to be patient with someone, teaching them when we are busy, we are busy.  The needs of ourselves should always come first?

Have I practiced anger and agitation towards others?  Showing them the love and kindness You taught us, is not what they should be giving?

Am I at times the devil in the Garden of Eden, tempting someone to eat of the fruit of my own sins?

My Prayer:

“Lord, in everything I think, say, and do throughout my day, let me always remember You are there with me.  Bring to me conviction within my soul, when I have sinned or lead others into it.  Help me to always remember I do not only endanger my own soul, but can endanger the soul’s of others as well, by my words and actions.”

“The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will collect out of his kingdom all who cause others to sin and all evildoers.”

God Bless, SR

Taken from todays readings:
Matthew 13:24-43





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Our Misery is “Exclusively Ours”

One thing I would like to address in this post is, misery.  As I scan the blog sphere, it seems as if there are so many Christians in “misery” in some form or fashion. 

Be it an illness, depression, a disorder of some sort, financial, family struggles, etc… (I am not excluding myself from these things, as I have suffered great misery for about a year.)  Anyways, I had to ask myself the question:

“Why are so many Christians suffering from so much misery in our lives, today?”

Then I remembered something Jesus told St. Faustina, (my patron saint) as she was offering him her “body, soul, intellect, will and all the sentiments of her heart.”

Jesus told her:

“You have not offered me that which is really yours.” 

St. Faustina said:

“I probed deeply into myself and found that I love God with all the faculties of my soul, and unable to see what I had not yet given to the Lord, I asked, “Jesus tell me what it is, and I will give it to you at once with a generous heart.”  #1318

Jesus said:

“Daughter give me your misery, because it is your exclusive property.”

St. Faustina begin to as she stated, “nestle close to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus.”  “Trusting in His mercy even if she had the sins of the damned weighing on her conscience.”

My notes:

St. Faustina trusted Jesus with everything.  She is my patron saint and I always say, “She chose me, I did not choose her.”  I am extremely grateful to her for many things.

There is something in this conversation she had with Jesus that always stood out to me:

“Jesus did not take her misery, she had to give it to Him.”

As I look at the picture on this post which is:

“The Grotto of the Agony”


James Tissot

Christ was in so much misery.  Misery you and I will never be able to comprehend.  The beauty of that is:

Jesus understands the suffering of our misery.  Go back and really think about that picture.  It is misery all over the place, even though the angels are all around Him.

They are around us in our misery.


When Jesus was in the Agony of the Garden, “the angel comforted Him.”  It is different for us.

When we are in the “agony of our garden,”Jesus wants our miserable agony.  He is not going take it, but is “offering to, if we will only give it to Him.”

At times we get our own selves into these situations and sometimes life just brings them to us.  It is not how misery enters into our life, it is what we do with it, when it does.

We can either stress ourselves to death, because as Jesus told St. Faustina:

“Our misery is “exclusively ours.” 


We can entrust it to, Christ.

Holding on to our misery at times, I think becomes a habit.  In fact, I think at times we wonder, “How will I live without it?” 

Our misery, actually becomes a part of us, and at times we are afraid to live without it.  We let it define who we actually, believe ourselves to be.

Jesus knows this, and He also knows “this is not who we are” nor were we “created to be such.”

Our choice is to give it to Him, or hang on to it.  If we hang on to it, there will never be peace in our lives.


Lord, I stretch out my hand’s to You, and out of them flows all of my misery, to You.

God Bless, SR

Excerpts taken from:
Divine Mercy in My Soul
Diary of Saint Maria Faustina




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Bringing the Cross Forward into My Life Today

All of my life I spent going backwards 2000 years to the Cross.  If I wanted the mercy of the Cross, to stand there with the Blessed Mother, if I wanted to pray underneath the Cross and look up at Jesus, I went back to the Day of the Crucifixion. 

A time to which I was not even born.  A time to which I did not live in.  A time to which I truly have no concept of, other than what I read.

Then something happened.  I read a book and in this book the statement was made:

“Unlike us, God is not limited by time and space.  He sees everything past present and future, all at once.  For God, everything is always present; God lives in the eternal now.”

Another statement made by the author was:

“Each moment you spend in Eucharistic Adoration, all that Christ won for you 2000 years ago on the cross at Calvary is applied to you now in your present moment and present place.  What He did then, affects you now.”

My notes:

  I realized I do not have to go back 2000 years to the Cross.  I do not have to go back 2000 years to receive what Jesus did for me on the Cross.  I do not have to go back there, to have a conversation with Him.

The Cross and all of its mercies and graces, are brought forth in the world I live in today. 

It is timeless and it is infinite.  The Cross and all Jesus did for us, knows no end and has no boundaries.  Especially the boundaries of time and space. 

God does not have these boundaries either.  Therefore, they all meet us in each moment of our lives, daily.

Everything about the Cross can be applied in our lives today, if we are willing to bring it forward.

Jesus does not ever expect us to go backwards, but to bring Him and His many gifts to ourselves.

So today when I pray:

I close my eyes and go into my soul.  There I see Him on the Cross, withering in pain and suffering.  A crown of thorns upon His head, and Blood flowing from every wound in His body.

I begin to speak to Him, “Jesus, You are here with me today.  To comfort and console me.  May each drop of your Blood fall on my face, so I will know the suffering You endured for me.  So that all of my sins, may be covered by such a sweet fragrance of love.”

Then I open my eyes to the world, the time and space that I live in.  It is offering to me many challenges.  Some may be heartache, suffering, or a tear or two shed. 

Then again, I may have no heartache, suffering, or any tear to shed.  I may have complete joy.

I only know this:

Jesus is so willing to come forward, into my space and time.  My world.  He truly is the only One who can. 

Him, His Cross and His love for us will keep coming forward,  for generations to come. 

 Time and space can never bound Him and His love.  Never will it bind what the Cross did for us.

We can either live like it does, or trust at any given moment we can bring the Cross and Jesus into our lives.  Embracing all they have to offer us, today!

God Bless, SR

Excerpts taken from:

“7 Secrets of Confession”

Written by:

Vinny Flynn

A must read!




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Jesus, What Fruit do You Find in Me?

Jesus, when you come to see what kind of fruit I am bearing do You find:

I have heard the word of the kingdom and have not been wise with it?  Only to find the Evil One has snatched away what You have sown in my heart, because I treated it so carelessly?

Do you find what You have sown within me, though I received it with joy, falling on rocky ground?  As soon as tribulation or persecution arose in my life, on the account of Your Word, do You find I immediately fell away?  Do you find this, because there is no root in me?

Do you find what You have sown in me choked by the thorns of this world?  All the cares and distractions which seem so important to me?

I pray Jesus,

“May my soil always be good Lord, which You so desire it to be.  So my tree is not empty, of the Fruit of You.  May I take this “Fruit of Love” which You gave to us all, and give to others a hundredfold?”

Jesus said,  “As for what was sown on good soil, this is he who hears the word and understands it; he indeed bears fruit, and yields, in one case a hundredfold, in another sixty, and in another thirty.”

God Bless, SR

Taken from today’s Readings:
Matthew 13:1-23



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How I Overcame the Attack’s of Satan (Last Post)

Why was I not getting an answer to my prayers?  I am going to go right into it.

God took me to Daniel Chapter 10:1-14.  Daniel had a vision. An angel was sent to Daniel. (Please go read the whole Chapter)  Part’s of what the angel stated are:

“Stand on your feet, for I have now been sent to you.  Do not fear, humble yourself before God, your words have been heard, and I have come because of your words.  But….. the prince of the kingdom of Persia opposed me,  for twenty-one days.  So Michael, one of the chief princes came to help me, and I left him there with the prince of the kingdom of Persia, and have come to help you understand what is to happen to your people at the end of the days.”

When I read this, it was OVER, as far as I was concerned.  I understood what happens when we pray and why our answer is not immediate, sometimes. 

My notes:

The minute we pray our words are heard.  An angel is dispensed to carry out the answer for God.  Either between heaven and earth, or when they hit earth, the angels meet the powers of darkness. 

Satan and his cohorts are the opposition to the answer of our prayers.  The angels absolutely have to stay there and battle with the demons from hell to get to us.  It could be they are already in another battle, and cannot leave.

It took twenty-one days for this angel to get to Daniel.  St. Michael the archangel had to come help him, so he could leave.  St. Michael was still back there battling it out!  The battle was still not over.

When I read this for me, it absolutely closed the gates of hell in my life.

I understood from the moment I pray, help is on the way.  I understood from the moment the answer is dispensed, demons rise against the answer, and they rise against those who are coming to bring that answer.  A battle begins to take place.  It will either be a long battle or a short one.

This is one of the reason’s at times our help is quick, and this is one of the reason’s at times, it is not. 

So what did I do:

I stopped begging God for an answer and started praising and thanking Him, that the answer was either here or on its way.  I would shut my eyes, go into my soul and see that angel coming, with the answer.  I do it to this day!!!

I say my prayers, get off of my knees, and begin an offering of thanksgiving to God.  I do not go into this begging and pleading with God anymore.  If the answer is “yes,” or if it is “no” it does not matter.  What matters is, my faith is so great now, that I am going to get an answer.  I understand the reason at times, for the delay of that answer.

The devil opposes us, our prayers and the answer to those prayers.  Most of all he opposes God and everything God does.  We cannot forget at one time, Satan, was an angel himself.  He knows what angels are capable of.  We must never think he is not standing there ready to do battle with them, to try and prevent the will of God from happening.  Though he cannot.

I cannot call what has happened to me a journey.  It was pure evil.  Until evil truly attacks your life, you have no idea what you are up against.  I was lost on how to handle it. 

God is not going to take care of all evil for us.  He expects us to cooperate with His grace to overcome it.  If we let Him, He will give to us everything we need to do so.

The End.

God Bless, SR

Dedicated to:

Dan and Heather 


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How I Overcame the Attack’s of Satan (Part 4)

Yesterday I wrote about “running towards the lion’s roar.”  You know, when something or someone is “roaring” at us, it takes a lot of courage and strength to “run towards it.”  Especially, when what is behind that roar is gnashing it’s teeth at you and can devour you, as well.  God did not give us a “spirit of fear,” did He?  We need to remember that.

So today I am going to write about how God brought to me a “spirit of courage and strength.”  He did it, by his servant Joshua.  Joshua 1-9

Moses had died.  Now it was Joshua’s turn to take the Israelites across the Jordan “to the land God was giving them.”  It was not all a smooth trip for Joshua and those accompanying him.  When the Lord came to Joshua, these are some of the things God spoke regarding courage and strength:

“No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life.  Be strong and very courageous, being careful to act in accordance with all the law that my servant Moses commanded you; do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, so that you are successful wherever you go.  This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth; you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to act in accordance with all that is written in it.  I hereby command you; “Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened nor dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” 

Actually throughout those verses God told Joshua three times to “be strong and courageous.”  One time He said, “Be very courageous.”  He also told Joshua, “not to let the written word’s of Moses depart from him and to meditate on it day and night.”  One other thing Joshua had to do, was “act in accordance” with those written words.  Live them. Believe them.  Obey them.

So what did this mean for me?

My Notes:

There really was no more messing around for me.  The Word of God had to soak in every fiber of my being.  It had to be studied and thought about.

Most of all, I had to believe everything spoken and written in the Bible, one being,

“God would never go back on His Word or break a promise to me.  He would never leave me an orphan, and would always guide the footsteps in my path, if I would just let Him.”

I begin to study how those are repaid when they “gnash their teeth” at His children, if they do not repent.  I begin to pray for justice for myself and vindication, which really meant, “I just wanted God to make everything right.”  I did not want vengeance upon them. 

Whatever God showed me in His Word, I hung onto for dear life.  I believed it and somehow begin to live it.  I begin to speak it, when necessary. 

I became strong and had courage, in God’s Word.  Then one day, I became very strong and very courageous, in God’s Word, using only the weapons He told me to us.  One of His promises is:

“No weapon formed against me shall prosper, as this is my inheritance from the Lord.”

God is always with us, just as He was with Moses and Joshua.  Again this is a grace He expects us to believe and cooperate with. 

As I began to place every spoken Word of God into my life, never letting it depart from me, everything else had to leave.  Leave it did!

I have so much faith, trust, strength, and courage in all God ever promised to me. 

My vindication:

All I was being accused of doing or saying, was actually being done by my accusers.  All of it came to light.

God was my justice and made everything right.  I took no action in any shape or form, having the strength and courage to forgive.

My next post will be the end of these post.  It will be about what happens on the earth and in heaven when God begins to answer our prayers.

God Bless, SR

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How I Overcame the Attack’s of Satan (Part 3)

Yesterday I wrote about the “time to stay silent.”  Then came the time to “speak”  against all the lies being laid upon me.  “Speak what Lord, I have no clue?”  This is when God really showed up.

Now people, by this time I am begging for mercy!!!!  There is not an ounce of strength in me anymore.  Instead of it all just stopping, God showed me I had to cooperate with His grace.  God gives us grace for sure, but He expects us to get in there and work with it.  The Holy Spirit will show us how, if we let go of us and grab on to Him.

The first place God took me was to Daniel and David.  How God Himself had taken care of their lions, but both of them had to run towards the roar.  I am here to say I had, enough of the roar!!!!  God showed me how, to run towards it.

It was time to speak and He was going to give to me what to speak.

He took me to Psalms 141:4-5, He reminded me of what St. Francis of Assisi’s would say, and He gave me a part of a song.

One day I was being attacked and screamed at, with all the strength of the Lord within me I yelled to the top of my voice:

“I will not eat of the delicacies of your lies anymore!!!  The oil of your lies will not anoint my head one more time!!!!!”  “In the Name of Jesus!”  (Psalms 141-4-5)

Then when I calmed down I said,

“Thank you for making me feel like Jesus.”  (St. Francis of Assisi’s)

My note:

You talk about people looking like I had just lost my mind, they did!  Those word’s silenced that roar and it has never come back.  God took care of that “lion” for me.

I begin to sing:

“All is well with my soul.”

We cannot be afraid of the “lions” and their “roars” in this life.  To defeat them we, again, must cooperate with the grace of God. 

I wanted the mercy of deliverance from this.  God wanted ME to get up!  He wanted to show me, how to be delivered.  Then He wanted me to do it!!!  If you have not read part’s one and two, go back and read them as to how I got to this point. 

Because now:

I defeat the “devil by the word of my testimony,” and “all is well with my soul.”

We cannot walk around with an “ill soul.”  Satan is the one who makes it sick.  He does it with things which we think we cannot overcome, and this throws us into despair. 

Please always remember, “There is a time to speak and a time to stay silent.”

My next two post are going to be about strength, courage, and what happens in the heavens and on earth when God begins to answer our prayers, and teach us how to live.

God Bless and Peace, SR


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