Placing Limitations on God’s Love and Mercy


Jesus Eating With His Enemies

Many times we see someone and in our humanity may think of them so “unworthy of heaven.” 

It may be because of a sin we see them committing?

It may be in our own self-righteousness, we are questioning their salvation?

Maybe in our own thought process we may be thinking, “How can God love that?”

It may be because we have lived a lifetime as a Christian.  Trying to do what is right and good.  Believing in God all of our lives.

Then one who has been evil all of their lives, on Tuesday they come to God, on Wednesday they die and we think, “There is no way he/she is in heaven.  He/she lived a “Godly life” for one day, and there is no way God is going to accept that, after the forty-years of evil they have done?”

“That would just not be fair to me!”

In today’s Gospel readings we see Jesus saying something:

Jesus said to them, (chief priest and elders) “Amen I say to you, tax collectors and prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God before you./When John came to you in the way of righteousness, you did not believe him; but the tax collectors and prostitutes did.”

A lot of the time, we think it kind of unfair that we have walked this road with Christ all of our lives, then all someone has to do is repent of their sins at 70, believe in Christ, and they are going to be in heaven also.

They do this after truly living a life of hell, and making life hell for others.

Of course we never think of all the pit falls we have taken, on our journey with Christ.

We never think about how many chances He has given us, over and over again.

We never think about how many times we have nailed Him back on the Cross, by our own selfish needs and desires.

That is the problem, “we don’t think.”

Jesus loves us all from the worst of sinners to the most righteous one.

All the thief on the cross had to do was desire Jesus, and that very day he was “with Him in Paradise.”

When we view others of being so unworthy of heaven, what we are actually doing is placing limitations on God’s love and mercy, for the very children He created.


Lord, I know I have often thought of those “unworthy of heaven.”  I realize in doing so, I am saying, “They are not worthy of your love, mercy, and forgiveness.”

How can I think this Lord, when it took the torture, murder, and death of Your Son, to make “ME” worthy?

When it took thousands of drops of His most Precious Blood, to cover every sin I have committed in my life.

When to look upon me Father, You have to look at me through the Eyes of the Cross.

Forgive me Lord,  “For I am not worthy that You should enter unto my roof.”

God Bless, SR

The Lord said, “But if he turns from the wickedness he has committed, and does what is right and just, he shall preserve his life; since he has turned away from all the sins that he has committed, he shall surely live, he shall not die.”
Taken from Mass readings Today






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They Make Me Proud I am a Catholic, This is Why?

Much has been happening in the Church, regarding homosexuals.  Do we accept homosexuals in the Church?  Do we accept homosexuality in the Church?

I really have been torn on this, as according to Church teachings, “The acts of homosexuality is a sin.”

I went to a friend who gave to me a couple of videos to watch, regarding this.  This is the conclusion I came to for myself and why.  I did this for myself, because no one can come to any agreement on it whatsoever.  Not even our Church leaders can.

Agree, do not agree.  Everyone knows that really does not matter to me.

Hearing their testimonies made me think a little differently.  

These people growing up knew they were “different.”  Different in a way which they knew would never be accepted by many. 

They all spoke of despair, loneliness, depression, being teased and tormented as a child, (mostly as a teenager) and not knowing what to do with it all?

Could they deny who they were to themselves?  The answer for them was, “No.”

Some turned to alcohol, drugs, sex with the same gender/or not, and many other things.

Something happened to them.  They found the Catholic Church.  They found the truth in the Catholic Church.  

They were accepted, loved, and were helped with the Sacraments, teaching’s of the Church, guidance of the Priest, and the love which came from those in the Church. 

The result of all of this was for them:

Knowing they are still a homosexual, giving up the “act” of homosexuality, and living a chase life for God and the Church.

When I heard them make these statements I knew my views and judgment on this had to change. 

Honestly, they are doing better than I am!

It was the Catholic Church, that allowed these people to experience the love of God in their lives. 

It was the Catholic Church, that gave to them the ability to stop which they themselves considered to be a sin.

It was the Catholic Church, which helped them to overcome their despair, loneliness, depression, and suicidal tendencies. 

It was the Catholic Church, who brought them to the love and mercy of God.

It was the Catholic Church, who let them be who they were, but in a way, that it no longer endangered their souls.

It was the Catholic Church, who brought them to freedom and truth.

I pray, after listening to their testimonies, that I will never take the Catholic Church for granted again.

She has actually become the most beautiful Church on earth to me, because of “these testimonies.”

Do I believe “the act of homosexuality is a sin?” 

Yes, and so do the people I am discussing here.

Do I believe adultery, abortion, sex outside of marriage and many other things are a sin?


I found out about myself through all of this, I have an easier time accepting those things in people, then I did of the “acts” of a homosexual.

You know, I did not like myself very much when I realized that.

I am not saying, “That every homosexual that comes into the Church, it is going to turn out this way for them.”

I am saying:

If they feel as if they are in sin.  If they are living a life of despair, loneliness, depression, and suicidal thoughts because of it. 

If they want love, understanding, help and guidance.

Who are we as Catholics, to deny them that?

We certainly do not deny that to those who have had abortions, or those who commit adultery, do we?

To these people in the video, our Church was the last hope they had.

Because they were met with the love of God, the love of those who were in the Church, and receiving the help they so desperately were seeking, everything about their lives changed.

This makes me proud they are a Catholic. 

They make me proud I am a Catholic.

God Bless, SR







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“You Got it All Wrong”

Job and His Friends by James Tissot

Many of us as children of God are always searching for wisdom and knowledge.  Be it in Scripture, doctrine, or in trying to enhance ourselves spiritually.

We try to understand all that we are going through.  We try to understand our joys and our sufferings. 

We try to understand others and their joys and sufferings. 

Then, we try to understand the ways of God.  That at times seems almost an impossibility. 

Job and his friends did it.  Job had no clue as to why so much suffering had come into his life.

His friends just knew it had to be something that Job had done against God, to cause all his pain.

His wife told him, “To curse God and die.”

No matter what, everyone had an opinion and thought.

Into today’s readings from the Old Testament we see the Lord saying:

“As high as the heavens are above the earth, so high are my ways above your ways and my thoughts above your thoughts.”  (Is. 55:6-9)

When we try to figure everything out, it really does not work does it? 

True, God does give to us the Holy Spirit to lead and direct our thought process to the right path.

We really in return, have to be willing to follow it, don’t we?

So often we take the wrong fork in the road.

If when we are not sure, what do we do?

We trust, that God already has the why’s, wherefores, and the answers to it all.

Our wisdom, reasoning, and ways will never be superior to God’s.  

We do not have the answers to every question.

What we do have is an all-knowing, loving God, who wants us to let Him lead us through this path we call, “life.”

We can never seem to let go of trying to figure it all out ourselves.

Just about the time we think we have it all figured out, God shows up and says:

“You got it all wrong.”


Lord, I do not have the answers to the questions of the universe.  I do not have the answers to the causes of my joy and suffering.  I do not have the answers to the confusion which at times, imploded itself in my life.

If I would only trust that You do, and through it all, I will only continue to do Your will, as that is all you are truly asking, of me.

In my many curiosities, I lose sight of that very thing. +

God Bless, SR

“Seek the Lord while He may be found, call Him while He is near.  Let the scoundrel forsake his way, and the wicked his thoughts; let him turn to the Lord for mercy; to our God, who is generous in forgiving.”
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor my ways your ways, says the Lord.” 
Taken from Today’s Mass readings 





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Friday Thoughts – Repenting for Praying the Rosary

When I first became a Catholic, one of the hardest things for me to do was, “Pray that Rosary!”

It was not the belief in the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.  It was not accepting Mary as my Mother.  It was not that the Catholic Church is indeed the Church which Christ started.

It was praying the Rosary!

I mean my thoughts were:

“Am I going to hell, in a hand-basket?”  “Do I pray to anyone else, outside of God?”   “Does God really want me to do this?”  “Is Mary really praying for us?”  “I am praying to a dead person!”

You name it, the thoughts were there!  Trust me, there were a thousand more outside of these, so what to do?

I laid the Rosary on my kitchen table.  Of course it stayed there for two weeks, but I kept looking at it everyday.

After the two weeks, I finally felt drawn to it, and begin to pray.  But…. I did not only begin to pray it, I repented for every single bead I prayed.  Yes, fifty-three repents, every single day!  Fifty-three Hail Mary’s every single day!

It took forever!

This is what I would say to God:

“God, if this is not right, please forgive me?”

Again, “fifty-three times!”

Praying the Rosary, was not a “natural prayer for me to pray.”

All my life, it was only the Blessed Trinity, to Whom I prayed.

As time went on, and I begin to realize that God was answering the prayers, I was asking the Blessed Mother to pray.  I had to ask myself:

“If this is wrong or evil, why would God give me an answer?”

Then the Holy Spirit gave to me an answer:

“People in heaven are not dead.”

We never really think of those who have died, being alive in heaven, but they are.

To think of them in any other form or fashion is to say,

“Jesus never rose.”

The Rosary has since become one of my daily prayers.  Sometimes I make it through the whole thing, and sometimes I do not.

I also learned, the Blessed Mother loves us so much, why would she not pray for her children, as any Mother would?

God Bless, SR





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The Fullness and Beauty of God in the Catholic Church

I was contemplating on when I first became a Catholic and when for the first time I stepped my foot in the Catholic Church.

My first reaction was, “The fullness and beauty of God is in this Church.”

Now mind you I was still a Protestant at that time.  I did not fully understand why those thoughts came to me, or even what they meant?  I just know they did.

As time went on I begin to understand them a little better, and how God was answering those questions of “why” within myself.

The Church had everything for me.

First I realized it was the only Church which had the “Full Gospel” in it, that I had attended.  From the readings it went from the Old Testament, to the New Testament, to the Gospels. 

All the Churches I had been in read a few Scriptures from a Book in the Bible, and the sermon was held on that.  I am not saying it was not “good preaching,” as I learned a lot. 

How the Catholic Church tied in the OT Scriptures to the New Testament Scriptures, to the Gospels, was amazing to me.  I never knew they correlated so much!

Then the Eucharist.  To just imagine me sitting there in the presence of Christ Himself, was unbelievable and beautiful to me.  To recieve Him…well what can I truly say?  Are there really any words to explain?

To be able to sit with Him in Adoration for an hour, in quiet and peace, lifted my soul to a place, as no such place had it ever seen in its life.

To sit there and talk with Him.  Him talking to me.  At times just sitting in silence with one another, in nothing but love.  How safe I felt in those moments.

Then the Sacraments.  I begin to understand I had every single thing I needed through them, to help me maintain my salvation.  How through the years, they have helped, guided, and directed me, on this path.

The Blessed Mother.  It took awhile for the Rosary with me.  (Another story)  She and I got off to a rather bad start. 

Then all of a sudden one day I picked up the Rosary, and begin to notice my prayers being answered.  They were being answered more quickly then  ever in my entire life. 

How through the years, she has become a Mother to me, of great love, prayers and comfort.

The Saints.  How much they taught me.  How much I longed to be one. 

Then they showed me, I had to be what God created me to be.  I could not be them in any aspect. 

They showed me I was an individual, uniquely made by the Hand’s of God.  Created for His own purpose, to be fulfilled within myself, through Him.

The Reverence for God.  I had never knelt in Church, though I did bow my head to pray.  At first the up and down, was a little hard for me to get used to. 

Then it hit me one day, I needed to do more than bow, God deserved a complete prostrate from me.  I never did it, but at least I understood why the kneel was so important.

The Sign of the Cross.  To bless myself with the Sign of the Cross, became for me, a symbol of what Christ actually did.  That He would even allow me to do the such, showed me how much He loves me.

The Prayers.  Some of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard or prayed.  Be they in Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, Catholic Prayer Book, or of the Saints.  How much these prayers have gotten me through, and how close they brought me to God.

As years passed, I came to understand the thought which came when I first stepped foot in the Catholic Church.

Everything of God is there in that Church.

 His forgiveness, His Word, His Spirit,

His Son.

Though we have endured many scandals, He is still there in fullness and beauty.

God Bless, SR




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My Grandmother and the “World of Button Pushers”

One time I was complaining to my Grandmother about how busy I was.  This was her reply to me:

“I do not feel sorry for none of ya!   How would you like on Monday to go get your wood to burn to heat your boiling pot to boil your clothes in, after making your soap to clean them in?”

“Then on Tuesday how would you like when it is a hundred degrees, to heat your iron on a wood stove, with no air conditioning?  Then after that how would you like to cook lunch on the same would stove in the same hundred degrees heat?”

“After you got through eating how would you like to go draw your water and again, heat it up on the same wood stove to do your dishes?”

“After you were through with that, then how would you like to grab your cotton sack and go pick cotton?  I never could get up to 100 pounds, 70 was the most I could ever pick.”

“Then how would you like to have to come in cook supper, go get that water and boil it again to wash your dishes in?”

“After that, how would you like to go get some more water, boil it to bathe your kids in, inside a wash tub?”

“Then how would you like to sit for hours fanning them, because it is so hot they cannot go to sleep?”

“I don’t feel sorry for none of ya!” 

“All you do is “push a button” and everything is done for you.”

“All y’all are, are a “bunch of button pushers!”  LOL!!!!

Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it??

Remember this, the next time you think you really have it bad!

God Bless, SR


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What about the Kids? When Parents take Religion too Far!

This is an extremely hard post for me to write.  I cried when I read these things, as I cannot imagine as a parent making my child feel this way, because of my Church/Religion/Faith.

This is going to be the last post I do on the Fundamentalist.  I did this for three reasons, as I said, “it is the biggest threat on the love of Christianity there is.”  To defend the love of God, and for our youth.

Here are some quotes:

“To my Church a baby’s cry is selfish, and proof of original sin.”

“It has been four and a half years since my parents cut me off.”

“My parents come from a place where religion conformity is everything.”

Parents said,  “You are killing us by rejecting our faith and living your truth.”

Another parent wrote, “I have not seen my son in  two and a half years.”

“To be cut off from your family because you no longer live by their traditions – it is a type of life-like no other.” 

“I am the type of person God used to sentence to death.”  (By a daughter)

Parents feel like, “Their child has died.”

“Child is carrying parent’s pain.”

“Parent’s are hurting because of who they are, not because of who we are.”

“Religious mindsets and groups can blind so many people.”

Parents do, “What their leaders and texts say they should do.”

“I learned that I only existed to serve other people, my own desires, ambitions, and joys did not matter, in fact they were foolish, dangerous, and arrogant.”

“I feel in my heart of hearts, I believe I do not deserve to exist.” (Because of Church teachings, the Bible, and sermons)

In fact they were taught they were, “insubstantial, tiny, and miscellaneous compared to God.”  Also taught, they were “utterly worthless and wicked.”

“I am situationally mute.  I feel like I do not have the right to participate in life.”

“Ecumenism is a great error of our time.”

“I don’t deserve to exist.”  “I don’t deserve to exist.”  “I don’t exist like you  do.”  (To parents)

“I think this lie was pounded in me so hard that it went straight through me.” 

Okay, I am stopping there because I cannot take it anymore myself!  I cry every single time I think about it.  This does not even scratch the surface of it.

“A baby’s cry is selfish!”

These are Calvinist or a form of them. (I know the same can be said for some in all religions)

From my studies, Catholics and Protestants alike are flocking to the “Fundamentalist.”  Their numbers are growing at an astonishing rate.   

As I read all of this I could not help but think of the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph as parents.  They fled to Egypt to save the life of their Son.  Not only that….

Their Son, Jesus, was teaching an entirely new religion, faith, how to act and behave.  He fulfilled the Jewish Law.  You name it Jesus was changing everything. 

How quickly we forget, our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph were Jewish!  Yet, we do not see them, “kicking Jesus out of their home.”  “Disowning Him.”  “Making Him feel as if He had no right to exist.” 

How can one ever expect their kid to turn to a “loving God,” when they have been taught that because of Him, they have “no right to exist?”

Because of God, they can never “dream, have joy, or ambitions?”  That it is just stupid to do so!

How can one expect a kid to turn to God, when the “religion” they have been exposed to by their parent’s have made them feel less than dirt.  As  if they had been born as nothing to be but a slave for others.” 

My heart breaks for them, and so should yours. 

I am a parent, and I do not care if one of my kids, painted stripes on like a zebra, wanted to be a horse, and talked like a donkey. 

Not one thing could ever make me turn away from them, and not one thing could ever make me withhold my love TO them.

God is a loving God.  He loves us in spite of our sins.  We can approach Him at any given moment, with our sins and our virtues.  He will never turn us away!

Why?  He is our Father, and we are always welcome in His home!  We are always welcome in the embrace of His arms. 

God does not require us to “carry His pain” for the sins of the world.  His Son did that.  Now we may suffer because of our sins and the sins of others, but Jesus carried the pain, that God required for it all!

I know many of you cannot understand why I did this.  Some of you may not even agree with me, and that is okay!

When I see hurting hearts like this, all in the name of God and Religion, somebody has to tell them:

I love you, God loves you, and no matter how great of a sinner you have been made to feel, you are no greater a sinner than I!

You are no more wicked than myself.  I have to depend on God’s mercy daily, because of it.

I promise you, there is no sin so great, that He does not look upon the Blood of His Son to cover it. 

I pray for you and you never leave the love of my heart.

If you did not have the right to participate in life, God would not have created you. 

I do not know your heart, I do not know your name, I do not know your face, but please take my love for you, somewhere deep inside of yourself. 

I want you to live and exist with me on earth. 

God Bless, SR

“The Lord is kind and merciful, slow to anger, and rich in compassion.”
Taken from today’s Responsorial Psalm






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